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I have not made a dirt set since 2006. Work precludes me from doing any serious trapping at all. But this year, both my dad and I have our furtaker license. So Dad will be doing some of the check duty for me. Going to run them for a week.

Ended up with 7 sets (2 doubles) on 2 properties. 6 dirtholes, 2 scent post and 1 flat set. The 2 doubles were specifically for 'yotes and made with MB-550's. The others were more for fox........a couple specifically for grays and all them were with #2 OS Bridgers. The fox sets were single staked with 1/2"x30" rebar. Hope that's enough to hold should a 'yote stumble into one of them. The only thing I forgot was to take the camera. Would have liked to have had some input from others. Maybe I can get some Thursday when I start doing check duty.

I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas morning !!!! Only problem is Dad's gonna be opening my presents.....

I told him to take a camera.
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