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assult weapons ban

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assult weapons ban or not? whats your vote? am curious to see everyones answer.
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(Not) the answer just a way to shut a few people up and move on.
25-OTT6 said:
(Not) the answer just a way to shut a few people up and move on.
+1, the next 1,000 nutjobs are already out there.Just hurting the folks that may stop them. Can the Govt take care of you, sure maybe a week after it war was won without a front line.
only for criminals. oh wait....
Not. Wont solve the real problem, which is mental health and our countries degrading culture.
absolutely not.
<span style="font-weight: bold">NO! </span>
I'm confused. Are you asking if we think there should be one or if we think there WILL be one?

Absolutely not, I don't think there should be one, however I do believe there will be one in some form or another...
NO. Definately not the solution.
Not!!! Will have no effect of stopping these kind of shootings! It's the people who need the help!
ok guys i love your points u got across, i strongly agree with you. it wont solve nothing.
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