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Arizona Lion Hunt

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I am heading to Arizona on a Lion hunt in February, anyone been there and any experiences you want to shae. I have checked multiple referances, what to bring and any other needs for hunt. I just want to hear some experiances, yes this is a true western hunt on horses, 100,00 acre ranch and staying in ranch.
Thanks for your help- Jeff
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Mutley, remember me we met at your camp in bear season, I am Jeff the Glassman, you have a wonderful camp and lots of great freinds. Thanks for the advice, started riding lessons last week and will be going til I feel comfortable. I do need to start a routine, and I do figure by February I'll be in shape from deer and bear season's. Keep in touch, love the mount. I'll be in desert so we'll see what kind of weather we get, like you said, anything is possible.
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