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ARCHERY PRODUCTS OF OLD. What do you remember

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Just seeing what kind of old gadgets,broadheads, bows, gear, etc. That we can dig up. All the forgotten stuff that brings back memories.
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How about treebark camo, a plastic riser indian compound with the long pointy black broadheads that bent as soon as they hit something. I think they were hilburs.
trail timers back before trail cameras it had a piece of thread that was tied to a small clock . When a critter came by it stopped the clock .
Overdraws Shorter arrows gave you a little more speed like from 190fps up to 200fps .oh yea broad head was behind your hand .
how could i forget over draws. you could go from a 12" brace hieght to a 2". had to worry about cables hitting the dang thing. how about the martin ONZA with a overdraw built into the riser.
I started with an old 45# recurve and, for a while, carried three Bear Razorhead (sharpened with a file and stone)tipped wooden arrows in my hand to the ground "blinds" I would set up. Really did nothing more than kick the ground litter away from the base of a tree. We bought most of our shooting tabs and arrows,etc... from a local feed store. No archery shops in those days.

Got an very primative Indian compound with a continuous vinyl covered cable in about 1978.

I still have an old Baker climbing tree stand. Lucky to still be alive after using that for a couple years.

A couple of my buddies and I were the only people in our high school that archery hunted in those days.

I would like to see a return to recurve and long bows only in archery season, even though I use a Hoyt now.
we made climbers modled after the baker stands. no seat man it was tough to stay in the stand for any period of time. in those days you could go up 8 ft or so deer didnt know to look up.
My dad made treestands that were 12" X 12". When you stood there, the tree would sway back and forth and the 2 prongs that stuck in the tree would come out as you shifted your weight.

The other thing I remember was the old Thunderheads weighing in at 125 grs. Boy, those were the days. Its a wonder how we survived and actually killed things.
Did I mention that the chain broke on one of his stands many years ago and he broke both wrists. He couldn't use his hands, but he was still able to turn the truck on and drive 25 miles to the hospital with a standard shift F 150.

My mom bought him a couple of stands that Christmas, but she was still wiping his behind for a few months after Christmas. Man, she was NOT happy! I am still able to use that excuse with my wife if I need something for hunting, safety wise anyways. I guess she doesn't want to wipe me for months.
heres a good one, how about the bow quiver that attached to the limbs of your bow. It had no hood so the points or broadheads were exposed. My dad left a good blood trail due to one of them bad boys.
sacberries said:
How about treebark camo, a plastic riser indian compound with the long pointy black broadheads that bent as soon as they hit something. I think they were hilburs.
Super Hilbres...I shot at a doe and hit an oak tree..The broadhead was rolled up like the end of an elves shoe.
My first quiver was the type you're talking about-Quicky Quivers. I think you can still get them.

I still have some the Hilbre point also. The ones I have are about 4 time longer than they are wide. They also have a needle sharp point and are molded into plastic. I have a story about them also. Might better keep it to myself though.
My Broadhead history:
Bear, hilbre, bear again, savora, bear agian, cabellas, then Muzzy for past probably at least 10 years. The Muzzy has never let me down--Think I'll keep them unless they change their quality.

I'm liking this recalling of archery past.
How bout the old range finders were you had a double image and focused a single image to get the yardage?
Savora three blade were absolute killers..Replaceable blades that went right to the tip..I shot a lot of deer with them..
Bear Whitetail Hunter. Adjustable between 35 and 65 lbs. Shot with fingers, no sights and a rubber flipper rest. first bow!
How about that thread thing that attached to your arrow even while it was shot? Can't remember what that was called?
Kind of like bowfishing now.
BK, I only shot one deer with the Savoras. Lucky for me I spined it. When I put another one through it's lungs to try to put it out of it's misery, all the blades shattered on the ribs and the aluminum ferrel broke. That was in 1980 or '81. They may have improved them after that.

Gurtler, The Bear Whitetails a couple of my friends got were the first compound I'd ever shot. I have a WT II that I used for many years hanging in the garage.

SF, an old pastor at my church loved the string trackers (Game tracker) and killed several deer while using one. I bought one I have never used.
Awesome topic guys! I remember the old death trap climbers, over draws (used to shoot one), and the "rangefinder" that had lines in it, and you bracket the back and belly in the lines and it tells you the distance. I fondly remember the old NAP razorback 5 broadheads. They had the cartridge that spun on the ferrule and it had 5 blades on it. It actually wasn't a bad flying head. Not that durable though. I used to have a bottom part of a home-made climber that i climbed the tree with. I had to hug the tree and pull my legs up to climb, and then stand while up there. Oh, and how about the old bow sights with the metal pins with the painted ball on the end. Those really shortened your shooting day. haha.
one I remember was the pins that were shaped like deer. The further away, the smaller the deer pin. I hated the trail cam string, The Bear stabilizers were pretty worthless, unless you took it off to punch someone.
how about the fuzzy tracers that taped to the end of the shaft. they were cool. the ultimate pin sight was the martin deer slayer. one of my favorites an early mechanical broad head the PUNCH CUTTER.
-remember the string trackers? you had a spool of threat that you tied to your arrow so when you shot a deer you followed the string to your arrow/deer. after 20 yards your arrow flight went to crap. ha!
-i had one of those old rangefinders too that had double image and you turn the dial until the images merged into one. it was actually pretty darn accurate.
-the old arrow holder you taped to your riser. had the rubber V-notch flipper that held your arrow until released. speaking of that, remember the old arrow rests that you stuck on your riser? just a plastic wing that stuck out and cradled the arrow.
-risers before they were cut-out for arrow/fletching clearance.
-back when speed bows were just reaching the 200fps mark, the way they did it was to make the axle to axle length short and make the wheels HUGE.
-and then there were those things for finger shooters that was right on the string that you wrapped your fingers around to grip the string.
-i remember before motorolas radios, the radios were huge like cell phones from the 80's and took like 12 C batteries to run for 2 hours with a reach of about 100 yards. haha!
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