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AR-15 for deer and boar

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i am going on a deer and boar hunt down south this fall.

i am allowed to use my AR-15 in .223 folks over at AR-15 dot com have a hunting forum and claim one of the best rounds to use on deer and boar is 64 grain pointed soft point.

they have killed deer out to 200 yards. i dont plan on shooting that far but the guys that have taken deer with this round claim it is just devastating.

any actual hands on experience here?
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The 64 grain Winchester Power Point is a great bullet for deer. Personally, since hogs are on the menu I would be using a Barnes bullet. What is your barrel twisted?
its a DPMS M4 and has a 1 in 9 twist

i dont reload so i have to stay with factory ammo.
If going with the Barnes TSX I would either use the 55 or 62 grain. I know Barnes has these in their VOR-TX line of ammo and I bet others have loadings also.
bohunr said:
its a DPMS M4 and has a 1 in 9 twist

i dont reload so i have to stay with factory ammo.
Factory Ammo @ Midway
Thanks roboz and rusty

i will order some
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if you're hunting in Florida on management area land you can only use a 5 round clip
going to South Carolina and i bought a 5 round magazine as a precaution. thats the only magazine i plan on taking. no need for a 30 rounder
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"No need for a 30 rounder"...

If allowed when pig hunting, I would carry the 30 rounder! Them dudes are mean, and I would want the extra bangs if I torqued one off!
i'll check on that. i dont want that to be a "last quote" from me.

we are going to red bluff lodge in allendale S.C.

last month a client wounded a boar, the owner tracked it with his dog, found it, shot it and the boar charged, knocking the owner off his feet.

the owners son shot and killed the boar with a .45 cal handgun.

this is going to be fun
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Bonded bullets are a great choice. Many folks in various states hunt deer with .224 bullets with great success. Deer are thinned skinned animals and it's always going to be about shot placement.

Those Federal Fusions will do a geat job on game as well.
I use Barnes TTSX 165gr out of my 308 DPMS and 180gr TTSX out of my 300win mag. I use the 300 for deer in pa and hogs in Ga. this year was the first time with the 308 and it did the job, 20yds was the furthest track. As far as the 223/556 id use a 75gr bthp and go for a head shot. I have a 223 bthp i found stuck in the plate of a boar I shot this year and it mushroomed beautifully but didnt do the trick, not sure how long he was running around with it in there it was healed up pretty good. Small pigs under 100lb Id trust the 223 but anything bigger Id be iffy unless a clear headshot is possible. 30rnd mag is a waste also, I carry a 10rnd in 308 and this year I got off 5 shots and got 5 pigs once that first shot goes off they are booking it out of there especially if they are pressured. Id take a 20rnd and maybe load it with 15max just so your not carrying weight. Ill put a pic of the 223 round up for u to see
Just show them down south how a Pa hunter can shoot. A 30 round mag. Is for A bullet hose !
I loaded 55 gr ttsx for my kids .223.He insisted on using it and killed two deer with it.One was shot through the front shoulders and dropped on the spot.The other was shot in the throat and dropped on the spot.Honestly,other than a small entrance wound,there was just as much destruction and with a bigger caliber.I was shocked.
thank you. i have to go to the range and see which ammo groups better.
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