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<span style="color: #000099">
<span style='font-size: 14pt'>2010 Second Amendment Liberty in PA is Second to None rally & interactive lobbying event.</span>

The 5th annual Second Amendment Liberty in PA is Second to None rally & interactive lobbying event is going to be on

<span style='font-size: 14pt'>Tuesday April 27, 2010 rally kicks off at 10 am</span>

IF you have attend any of the last four rally you have a good idea of what it’s all about

For anyone that hasn’t attended any of the past events here is the basic overview.

We gather everyone together to listen to the invited speakers address everyone about the importance of the 2nd Amendment rights, afterwards we break up into smaller groups with a team leader, we then go to assigned Reps offices to actually go express your feeling to the Reps and teach you the basics of being an activist to protect your freedoms and rights.

Much More information about this event, list of confirmed speakers, parking, legislative efforts. Please visit this web site</span>

<span style="color: #000099">Make sure you sign up on web site to register to win
A Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle

Please note that you must register to be eligible to win prizes and have to be in attendance at capital rally on April 27, 2010 to win prize, Its FREE. </span>

<span style="color: #FF0000">PDF down loadable flier here on ACSL web site.</span>

<span style="color: #000099">Please make copies, pass them out to fellow gun owners all over PA or email them as a PDF attachment. Spread the word far and wide.

If your firearm rights are important to you, consider giving a day to protect and enhance them.</span>

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<span style="color: #000099">The Fifth Annual 2nd Amendment Rally date has been set for 10 AM on April 27, 2010 in Harrisburg, Pa. Once again we ask for your help and participation in this event. We will use this event as a springboard to pass vital pro gun legislation that will affect how FFL’s conduct business and your ‘right to bear arms’ throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It cannot be repeated often enough that the more interest shown at these kinds of events, the more our elected officials will notice our presence and the more impact our efforts will have throughout the day.

Our past four rally’s have highlighted needed changes in Pennsylvania Firearms laws resulting in improvements and protections being enacted into law such as ‘prohibiting the confiscation of firearms in an emergency’ and protecting the rights of hunters to carry a self defense firearm with them when in the field and eliminating the gun ban when riding a snowmobile and numerous other needed changes. With YOUR help we can begin to raise the awareness of other problems (political minefields) that exist and encourage changes that the ‘people’ want and deserve. After all being the 10th most restrictive state in the country on firearms (according to the Brady Campaign) certainly hasn’t stopped criminals and cop killers has it?

After the rally, team leaders will break the attendees up into groups and visit every State House member and State Senator in the State Capitol to ask for their support for bills such as HB 40 (Castle Doctrine), HB 750 (Transportation of Firearms), HB 1541 (Penalties for Municipalities that enact local gun laws), and SB 842 (Castle Doctrine companion to HB 40) plus several other bills. Everyone that pre-registers will be informed of the team (organized by county of residence) they are on ahead of time by e-mail. <u>We need your help to pack the halls of the State Capitol Building to make this a successful event! </u>After we visit all of the Legislators in teams, we suggest that you focus your attention on ‘your’ Senator and House member and let them know that he/she needs to listen to the needs of their constituents. The preferred dress is business casual. If you don't own a suit or sports coat, try to borrow one and dress appropriately. Our appearance is a key factor in credibility. Once you see how the team leaders present the issues to their Legislators, you may want to again pay a visit to your Senator or Legislator at their district offices at a later date to follow up on the issues discussed in Harrisburg.

It is important to point out that each person attending will need to pre-register on the rally website ( and be present if you want a chance to win the prize, which is a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22. If you haven't pre-registered on the website, plan to show up a little earlier so that we don't experience a last minute rush. This gun can be seen at along with the downloadable event flyer, details of the event, maps to the Capital Building, plus some of the bills we deem to be important issues in the Commonwealth. Also included are some of the guest speakers invited. If you plan to arrive armed, try to be there by at least 9 AM to check in your firearm at the door (rear entrance of Capitol building by fountain).</span>

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Good to see. Hadn't received my notice yet. Ain't missed one so far and I encourage all to attend.

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<span style="color: #000066">This email came in from the NRA-ILA</span>

Original Message -----
From: NRA-ILA_Alerts
To: NRA-ILA_Alerts
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 11:11 AM
Subject: Please Attend the 5th Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally!

<span style='font-size: 14pt'>Please Attend the 5th Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally!</span>
Don't Miss This Opportunity to Stand Up for Our Second Amendment Freedoms!

Please join Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President, Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-12), other Second Amendment activists, and countless patriots for the opportunity to voice support for our cherished firearm freedoms.

On Tuesday, April 27 at 10 a.m. at the State Capitol in Harrisburg , Second Amendment supporters will gather in solidarity for our gun rights.

Don't miss this great opportunity to meet with legislators and urge them to stand up and support the Second Amendment by passing pro-gun advancements currently pending action in the legislature.

For more information and to register, please visit Note: attendees must pre-register.

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Yes, this is an important event to attend, another important event to attend is the healthcare demonstration that is happening in Harrisburg on April 19th. The healthcare plan does essentially have an antigun agenda in it. Not to mention that the cost of this healthcare bill will bury many businesses, will cost each individual some $15,000. for 4 years before the benefits of the healthcare plan even kick in.

Curt Schroeder has introduced a bill to prevent this Obamination of a healthcare plan from becoming reality in Pa. and Pennsylvanians should know the facts about this Democrat party plan before they say they are for it.

There is way too much government interference in our lives already and this healthcare bill is a stepping stone towards more socialist policies that will hurt our economy, help destroy the Constitution and will encourage over a third of all doctors to just leave their practice, resulting in longer lines and inadequate medical care.

So, plan on attending the march on April 19th as well. The Democrats have not won this issue yet and the more people who voice their disapproval about it, the more pressure will be put on the Democrats.

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EPAFC is trying to help arrange travel and car pools to this event for gun owners in Eastern PA please go to their web site.

Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition
P. O. Box 734, Allentown, PA 18105
(Formerly Lehigh Valley Firearms Coalition)
Spokesmen: John Brinson, Jack Iannantuono
Attorney: Eric R. Strauss, Esq.
Phone 610-395-2088 Fax 610-398-9340
Representing over 100,000 gun owners in the counties of
Carbon, Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton and Schuylkill

Last year's rally of 2009 shows Pa. Representative Daryl Metcalfe speaking
while Kim Stolfer of Firearms Owners Against Crime stands to the right.
Both individuals work long and hard to protect your Second Amendment Rights.

The guest speakers will start around 10:00 am. There will be registration lines and several other helpful organizations present, so the earlier you arrive, the easier it will become. After the rally there will be groups visiting our Representatives and Senators to communicate our views. Everybody is invited to join one of these groups. PLEASE HELP PROTECT YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS BY ATTENDING THIS RALLY. You will be sending a message to the elected officials.

The Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition has found an Allentown business which will allow the use of its parking for car pooling. Anybody in the Allentown area that wants to car pool to split the costs of travel with other gun owners, please email the webmaster for location and other details.

To email the Webmaster [email protected]

Participants of each auto will have to decide who drives, payment of gas and parking, etc. We highly recommend everybody carry a cell phone so communications at the event between the car pool participants is easy.

The EPAFC is seeking assistance in all seven counties. We want to coordinate a car pool location for gun owners to meet and share rides. Click on the Assistance Needed navigation bar.

A Request for Assistance

Car Pools for Rallies

One of the problems many gun owners have is the cost of attending Political Rallies. Rallies are an important part of the fight because:

Rallies attract print and TV media. They help us get our word out directly to the reporters, without going through the spin cycles of third parties.

Rallies support pro Second Amendment legislators and keep our relationships with them solid.

Rallies with large turnouts can change the votes of fence sitters in both Pennsylvania houses.

Rallies are also a meeting point for pro gun organizations and help keep us up to date with actions in other parts of the state/country by direct communications with other members from distant places.

A large turn out of gun owners is of the utmost importance. However due to the high cost of gasoline and distances involved, many gun owners cannot afford to attend. A very effective way to solve this problem is to have a pre planned location for car pooling of gun owners. We are looking for several locations in each of the 4 counties the coalition serves.

If you are located in any of the counties we represent and you own a business, or manage a business, which can provide parking facilities to accommodate other gun owners for car pooling, please contact the coalition webmaster. We will not publish your location, but will provide it in emails to anybody contacting us for car pooling assistance.

After you contact us the coalition will keep your information on file until needed for the next rally. Your assistance will be another step to help us maintain our Rights to Keep and Bear Arms.

The Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition thanks anybody who can provide this service.

You will often here people say “they will have to take my guns from my cold dead fingers”

Is this just something that sounds cool or do you Really mean it?

Right now in PA the anti-gunners are activity try to slowly pry your warm fingers off of your firearms rights with more restrictive gun control laws. Are you going to just sit silently by while this occurs, when you could help stop it?

How about giving 8 hours a year to protect your firearm rights?

Lots of people are trying to make this as easy as possible to attend this Please consider coming to this rally and interactive legislative lobbying event and doing your part to preserve our firearm heritage as free Americans only can.

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Word I received, is that if enough people show up this year, the rally will be moved out onto the Capitol steps (weather permitting), like the "big one" was back in the mid-90s?

There were well over 1500 people at that one, IIRC? I'd love to see over a thousand at this one.

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Here is the travel arrangement for south western PA

Here is the latest updated travel arrangements from the ACSL web site

Transportation Arrangements from SW PA
to Harrisburg for The April 27, 2010
“Second Amendment is Second to None” Rally

Buses and vans are departing from three different locations (at this time); other pickup locations can be arranged if we (your club) can get enough people from any one location. We NEED Volunteer Drivers, please let us know if you can HELP.

Return time to Pittsburgh area ‘departure points’: Approximately 7-8 pm

Scheduled departure points:

Allegheny County


When: Vans leave at 4:00 a.m. sharp - Tuesday April 27, 2010
Where: Parkway Center Mall in Greentree (rear parking lot)
Cost: $35.00
Contact: Sally Barnett – 412-793-4437 or e-mail at [email protected] for reservations
(Mail your checks to – 1028 Hulton Rd., Verona, PA 15147 / Make Payable to ACSL)
Driving directions to either pick up location these can be provided upon request (these will require a physical address of your departure point to the pick up point). Please provide the ‘Contact Information’ requested at the end of this document when reserving your seat!

McKeesport Sportsmen's Association- Full size tour bus with an option to get a second if the first one fills up. Travel arrangements below:

When: bus leaves at 5:00 a.m. sharp- Tuesday April 27, 2010
Where: McKeesport Sportsmen's Association Rifle Range Parking Lot.
Cost: $30.00 for the busContact: Jim Kerr 724-331-1880 or Chuck Penman 412-823-9319
This 47 passenger tour bus with restroom is separate from the rides arranged by ACSL.

Beaver County

Beaver County Sportsmen’s League -- Harrisburg 2nd Amendment Rally Bus.

When: bus leaves at 4:30 a.m. sharp - Tuesday April 27, 2010
Where: Midway Bar & Grill on Rt.18 just west of I. 376 (old Rt. 60)
Cost: $35.00 for the bus
Contact: Dick Ward, Home -- 724-643-4553 or Dick Bayer, Home -- 724-652-4882 / Cell -- 724-622-7914

Feel free to forward this information any clubs you might belong to or any individuals / gun owners you know.

Other Counties:

We need motivated gun owners to put together teams of 7-15 interested individuals so that we can help you with travel arrangements or special pick up points on the way to Harrisburg.

Special Arrangements (Organizations):

Gun clubs: YOUR club can sponsor a 7, 12, or 15 passenger mini-van as others clubs have in the past.
IF you are interested in this option, contact the Bridgeville Enterprise branch manger (Todd-412-220-0320) - for special rental rates for this day.

Important Contact Information:

You are asked to provide the following contact information (in either your e-mail to Ms. Barnett or when you call):

First Name
Last Name
Organization / club
Location of pickup
Postal Code
Email address
Payment Method
(For Parking and Security Purposes)
Veh. License #
Veh. Model-Make-Color

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DennyF said:
Word I received, is that if enough people show up this year, the rally will be moved out onto the Capitol steps (weather permitting), like the "big one" was back in the mid-90s?

There were well over 1500 people at that one, IIRC? I'd love to see over a thousand at this one.
On the web site to register for FREE prizes for only those attending will have a chance to Win.

As of April 19 had over 1,200 people already signed up to attend this event.

Which is still not very many people considering the sheer amount of gun owners in PA, so why do so many bother to complain about the existing firearms laws in PA when it effects them negatively?

Doesn't that make you part of the problem then?

We got all the stupid firearm laws because we gave our silent consent, by our in in action to be directly involved in the political process is how we let it happened.

So who fault is it really?

FREEDOM isn't Free, it required eternal vigilance by all of US to protect. Someone has to pay the high price that others fought, bled, still others paid the ultimate price and died for all of US to enjoy Freedom today, have you done your part to give freedom to the next generation today?

IF you don't give something value, don't expect someone else to, Especially if they are a grab grabber, freedom hater and worse yet they are elected to office.


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Fairly good turnout today on the Capitol steps, but as is usually the case, not nearly enough to properly represent the number of gun owners in PA.

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DennyF said:
Fairly good turnout today on the Capitol steps, but as is usually the case, not nearly enough to properly represent the number of gun owners in PA.
Denny, that's because the majority of LEGAL gun owners in PA are also Taxpayers and have to work! We can't afford to take off!

I do truly appreciate our retirees representing us though!

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Well, there were hundreds there today who either still work, or they were born with the proverbial Silver Spoons...'cause they were far too young to be retired?

Some of us were hoping for a repeat of the rally in the mid-90s, when well over 1500 showed up for a weekday rally.

As with most worthwhile things, it takes some sacrifice on the part of those who are committed to reminding politicians that we will not be taken for granted.

If 400 retired people show up, they can jump to the conclusion that our gun rights are only important to us old geezers "with time on our hands". If those numbers are swelled by lots of younger people that obviously made the sacrifice of a day's vacation, plus a long drive to Harrisburg, they will have noticed the additional importance of the issue.

Just a thought, but numbers do count and are appreciated. Someone may have a better handle on it, but I'd estimate today's crowd at around 700 to 800 hardy souls.

And I should add, for whatever reason there was zero media coverage of today's rally, from what I can tell. No press, no TV. Absolutely nothing on any of the area's TV web sites so far.

>The local CBS TV affiliate now has a brief mention of the rally on their site. Nothing there as of last night. No mention in today's Harrisburg paper, or on their site.

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PADingo said:
DennyF said:
Fairly good turnout today on the Capitol steps, but as is usually the case, not nearly enough to properly represent the number of gun owners in PA.
Denny, that's because the majority of LEGAL gun owners in PA are also Taxpayers and have to work! We can't afford to take off!

I do truly appreciate our retirees representing us though!
My 76 year father in law was there as he has been all past rally (Always likes speaking Reps, to do his part to protect his grand childrens rights) and he is self employed and almost could not go except he was able to change his schedule this week.

The vast majority of people that attend are NOT retirees, some are people who are self employed (lost money coming all the way around) most others were people that was able to take a vacation day and ALL of them traveled at their own expense to the capital because they care about their doing there part to support their rights.

People always seem to find/make time to be able to take a day off to go hunting, fishing or just to have a good time.

So if gun owners don’t care enough to support their rights with direct action, why should anyone elected office give it a higher priority than than you do?
REALLY why should they care more about it than you?

Some people can’t go for health reasons, really can’t get off work, (others not working) or lots of others valid reasons they just can't, that knew about this event well in advance.

Did anyone that couldn't go for whatever reason bother to write any letters, make phone calls that day or send any emails to any Reps to support this effort? Why not?

Is this not the bottom line?

Castle Doctrine HB 40 does anyone REALLY want this

Freedom only has the value you give it in your life, that’s why it’s so quickly disappearing in your life time, so why is it ONLY when it personally effects them do they complain?

Its still NOT to late to contact the Reps to suport the cause and this lobbying effort.

Anyway here is the news story about this HBG event notice how the anti-gun people still get quoted and given news space to make a point, ever notice when the anti-gun people have a event the pro gun side never get quoted so much for fair and balanced media

Gun owners back state bills in Pennsylvania, denounce municipal laws

HARRISBURG -- A former Texas legislator whose parents died in the 1991 shooting in Luby's Cafeteria told Pennsylvania gun enthusiasts Tuesday they can "make a difference" in pushing for laws that make it easier to legally use a firearm to defend one's family.

After the shooting in Killeen, Texas, that killed 23 people, Suzanna Gratia Hupp found herself "mad as [censored]" at the Texas Legislature for making it illegal to carry a handgun. Her gun was "100 yards away," locked in her car, when George Jo Hennard moved through the cafeteria executing people before taking his own life.

Hupp ran for the Legislature and pushed for enactment of a 1995 law allowing Texans to carry a handgun with a concealed weapons license, similar to the Pennsylvania law that has licensed about a half-million gun owners.

Her story "illustrates when the government restricts the right to bear arms, law-abiding citizens lose and criminals win," said state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry.

Hundreds of gun advocates at an annual rally organized by Metcalfe yesterday touted state legislation to expand the use of self-defense beyond homes and to "slap down" municipal gun ordinances.

"Right here in your state you have (a state) pre-emption law, but cities from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and other places are saying 'to heck with that law,' " said Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. "That's not the way our country works, and we're not going to let it stand."

Gun supporters say only the state, not local governments, can enact gun control laws. Thirty-seven cities, townships and boroughs adopted ordinances or resolutions requiring people to report lost or stolen weapons.

"The municipalities are acting because the General Assembly has failed to act," said Joe Grace, executive director of CeaseFirePA, a gun control group. The House in 2008 failed to pass a bill for lost and stolen weapon reporting.

Firearms supporters claim such legislation makes criminals out of ordinary gun owners. But they have had trouble finding a person who could sue to overturn local ordinances because "we can't find anyone they charged with these illegal laws," said Harry Schneider of Cranberry, legislative chairman of the Pennsylvania Sportsmen's Association.

Metcalfe said his bill, H.B.1541, would require towns in which gun ordinances are overturned to reimburse plaintiffs for "actual damages, reasonable attorney fees and other legal costs."

Grace's group opposes the so-called "Castle Doctrine" bill by Rep. Scott Perry, R-Cumberland County. A person can legally shoot an intruder who forcibly enters his or her home. The legislation would provide similar self-defense protection to shootings outside homes, in businesses, vehicles or in state parks. It would not cover someone engaged in criminal activity.

It's time, Perry said, to "tip rights back in favor of law-abiding citizens."

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Another article with the normal anti-gun spin
Posted on Wed, Apr. 28, 2010

John Baer: Pro-gun stars shine at Capitol rally
By John Baer
Philadelphia Daily News

Daily News Political Columnist

REPUBLICAN state Rep. (and lieutenant governor candidate) Daryl Metcalfe from faraway Butler County yesterday offered up a little reminder of the diversity driving Pennsylvania politics.

Metcalfe, arguably the state's most pro-gun lawmaker, hosted his fifth Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally at the Capitol with several hundred gun fans and, as advertised, its "biggest-ever lock-and-loaded lineup."

Speakers included NRA executive vice president Wayne La-Pierre, Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt and former Texas lawmaker and national right-to-carry advocate Suzanna Hupp.

The annual gig is a direct response "to that gun-grabbing liberal Ed Rendell coming up from Philadelphia," Metcalfe said.

The rally's far from subtle. It once featured a suggestion that gun-control supporter Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., be hanged from the "tree of liberty."

Cruz, Rendell and others push for controls such as restricting gun sales to one a month per buyer. There was no lynching suggestion yesterday, but plenty of evidence of Pennsylvania's love affair with firearms.

Metcalfe called for "celebrating" Ed's last year in office and drew cheers and loud applause with:

"We have defeated that man every step of the way."

Attendees said it's important to visually remind the Legislature of same.

"It's a good cause," said Harry Gromo, 69, a retired Beaver County steelworker holding a sign: "Gun control means using both hands."

He said he came because "every day there's something new" threatening gun rights.

The current targets are Philly and other municipalities enacting local gun laws.

A bill sponsored by Metcalfe requires locals to foot court costs, attorney fees and "actual damages" in successful challenges to local gun controls.

The control-advocacy group CeaseFirePa says 37 municipalities have resolutions or ordinances requiring reporting lost or stolen guns.

Rallygoers Garin Moore, 50, unemployed, and Connie Miller, 51, a floral designer, both of Tower City, in Schuylkill County, said local laws don't work.

"Only the law-abiding cooperate," said Miller.

"Don't fear what a person carries in their hand," Moore said. "Fear what they carry in their heart."

There's also a push for a tough Castle Doctrine (as in a man's home is his castle) protecting gun owners from civil liability if they use lethal force in self-defense at home, work, in a vehicle or (for some reason) at state parks.

Republican candidates for governor, Attorney General Tom Corbett and Berks County Rep. Sam Rohrer, were introduced and stood with rally speakers, along with dozens of lawmakers from both parties.

Few issues are as divisive. While far from exclusively partisan, more Democrats tend to support controls; more Republicans oppose them.

Philly's Democratic candidate for governor, state Sen. Tony Williams, for example, is running statewide TV ads calling for local gun laws.

In contrast, Metcalfe says that if he's lieutenant governor and the governor does anything resembling retreat from the Second Amendment, Metcalfe will run against him in the next primary.

But then, Williams represents Philly, and Metcalfe represents Butler County.

For comparison purposes, the tourism section of Butler County's Web site features the fact that three local bridges are closed through Oct. 15 and touts "The Barns of Butler County," a self-guided driving tour of 16 barns "tucked among our rolling hills."

Metcalfe, 47, is as conservative as it gets. He opposes routine resolutions honoring Muslims (because they "do not recognize Jesus Christ as God") and domestic-violence awareness (because language related to men suggests "a homosexual agenda").

But he has the last ballot position in a field of nine unknown Republicans for lieutenant governor and could - based on name ID among hard-core GOP voters, especially in western Pennsylvania - prevail in the May 18 primary.

And that could be interesting.

"Once I get elected lieutenant governor," he says, "both parties will move to abolish the office . . . I will not be a silent sidekick."

In fact, he'd be a double-barreled booster - for gun rights and the political right.

Send e-mail to [email protected].

For recent columns, go to
Note the sign from several past rally that two people created and dispalyed for their own agenda, representing their own opinion, no one elses, still get mentioned.

They couldn't have done more for the other side IF they got paid to do what they did.

On another note Rep Rohrer has been there standing with gun owners at all five rallies
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