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Apparently running out of luck

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Couple weeks back I got my first fox. Then another, then 5 more over the course of thr next week and a half.

A lot of tem were in reset spots. Pre stinkin from previous catches. Then we had that rain and then frozen ground and Ive had zip sunce them. Some of the same spots, some in new spots. Basically the same dirthole sets. Variety of lure, bait and urine at different sets (my initial luck kicked off using gland lure and urine in the hole) i KNOW for a fact there are more fox in the area. The one spot my buddy has seen them numerous times running the woods trail I set. And 2 of my other sets are on deer travel ways where I saw fresh tracks in the snow within 15-20yds of my sets.

Freshened everything up, remade the sets after freeze to be sure the traps were operational. Now today a miserable drizzle all day im sure has all my holes full of water again so Im basically setup for another day of empty sets tomorrow.

What could I be doing wrong!!
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Rain will wash away your lure and urine fast but cold will do the same ,frozen lure and urine will not put out Oder.
The colder the worse it is. Ive had a coyote walk right across a set last week after a dusting of snow with - 5 temps. you could see his tracks he never knew the set was there and I just fresh end it up the day before. It was so cold the the urine froze solid to the back stop. When its that cold I leave a little fur or feathers sticking out as a visual attractant when the weather is bad. I dont know what your laws say about fur or feathers being visible, but up here it can be. I always watch the weather reports and plan accordingly . sometimes you just have to grin and bare it.
Thanks for te advice. I have been trying to keep my scents fresh but maybe thats my problem. It was 10* here for close to a week, maybe with the warmup the next couple days I can put some more fur in the shed. Getting up a little earlier with the intent to redo some wate logged sets tomorrow.
just to hint on another case of using lure and scents DONT use to much either cuz i've had fox and yotes come by sets stop and ponder alil then move on. too much scent to "burn" their nose. especially if its a super loud call lure. (ei has alot of skunk in it)
Well today I got kicked in the rear end on my line. Got my first double. BUT it was a double on skunks...ugh.

Might try some haysets for tonight since tomorrow is gonna be another rainy miserable day.
If it makes you feel any better, we had a slight thaw yesterday, temps in mid 30's. Even with wax paper and dry dirt ,5 of my 8 leg holds were froze in today, most just enough around the edges to to keep the trap from firing. One had filled with snow milt and took me half an hour to chop out with a hatchet. Good news is the high for the next 3 days wont get above 0. Bad news is scents will be almost useless in this cold.LOL
Its beautiful out here today, but gona be drowned with rain before long. Tryigto sneak out a bit early to do some remakes before it gets dark
Well right now its snowing and blowing 35-40 winds. Temp -1
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