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Anything Goes Thread 2023

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Started a thread last year about preparation during the summer and what everyone was up to that I really enjoyed .
Want to start something similar a little earlier this year and hopefully guys will participate. I know I will.
Anyhow sometimes a random thought may pop into your head or you purchased a new piece of equipment that you would like to mention but you don’t feel it’s worthy of its own thread . Maybe you had a cool experience you would like to share or a question . This would be a good place to do it because as the title of thread states….. anything goes .
Anyhow I went out scouting today and it was wonderful. Found a lot of sign that was widespread and spent a lot of time walking around and through a giant clear cut . Found an obvious buck bed on a point in that clear cut that’s almost impossible to get near without getting busted. Also found a spot that I have been ignoring for years because it didn’t look that attractive to me from a distance. Kind of funny how sometimes there are spots right under your nose that you miss year after year and one day the lightbulb goes off and you realize it could be really good . That actually happens to me a lot . I don’t know why but perhaps experiences in other locations changes my perception. Anyhow its basically on a hillside that I thought was steep all the way to the top but after walking it I discovered there is a huge bench halfway up it . The woods are a couple hundred yards wide with a clear cut on each side . It will make a perfect rut spot but also a good early season spot if acorns are dropping. Long walk but relatively easy to get to and overlooked. I honestly will be shocked to find another guy hunting there . A lot of factors as to why but too lengthy to explain in detail.

Most importantly my number one target buck has now been identified and thought I would share it with all of you to kick things off . Also hope to read some posts as the months roll by leading up to the start of the 2023 season !

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So - since this is the anything thread .... This past Saturday - I bought an old recurve at a sportsmans show a local club was having. This is my first dip into the Trad pool and don't really see myself hunting with it at this point, but just something fun to shoot. Its a scorpion by black hawk. I know nothing about this stuff.
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Ive been scouting as time permits. I like this time of year 100x better than hunting. Its just fun for me setting up the spots I think will be productive. I did finish a newish mobile setup. Its just my old 8.5 lb assault and i added 4 beast mini's. After $30 in stealth strips they were actually hunt quiet and stacked decently.
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I love the beast mini’s. I really like the piece of all thread that fits through them & either screws into the beast stand or an end cap. Makes them super secure & quiet while walking.

I am not an aider guy...and im short at 5'6". I carry 2 rope on cranford steps. With those no branches and the mini's i can get a comfortable 17'...which is more than i prefer.

I still think my old lone wolf original sticks are the best overall design, but these were a steal and as i get older i can see the safety in the double step. I do like how this whole setup carries. Nice and compact.
I like the double step as well. Especially on the top step. And even more so on that last stick before the stand.
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Here’s a couple pics of the new to me bow. I ordered a string, a stringer, & some beaver fur silencers from 3 rivers archery.
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Your sticks were not wobbly when stacked? Mine would rock back and forth at any touch? The way they stack, metal to metal contact was impossible to avoid just by the design. Not anything that wasnt fixable, but just saying. My wolf sticks have been through a hard life. Ive replaced the steps and washers but all in all..still pretty good. They do loosen up and need a snug a few times a year.

The beast stand is a nice deal. My assault however was built 20 years ago and personally at #150lbs and 48 years old that 2lbs of weight just wasnt worth it. Nearing $700 is steep for me. That being said, i never hang the stand overhead so its not too big of a deal. For its size and platform i still think that assault is an all time great. Any rig is an investment and for the amount of times you use it a year over 10 years its well worth it.

Im also not walking up mountains...that makes a huge difference. Im sure you will enjoy your stand and feel a sense of confidence with it on your back. That is half the fun.
Mine don't wobble. I do have mine stealth stripped. I also had the piece of all thread stealth stripped too, but took it off because I couldn't easily get it through the sticks when they were also stealth stripped.

I always hated standing on one foot on my LW sticks trying to hang the LW stand. Now with the beast stand being as light as it is and having two feet at the same level - its easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The cost is a big thing for people, but I viewed it as I won't have to buy another stand again until I'm too old to hunt this way and I don't have to worry about ladder stands growing legs and wondering away.
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