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Anyone using a Lonewolf sit and climb?

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Wanted to get some feedback on this climber. my dad has'nt used a climber for years wants to get a "modern" climber. i am steering him towards a summit viper or goliath. other than the price i wanted hear some opinions.
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Lone wolf is fine but if your not real skinny keep the new wider version of the sit and climb in mind. Summit has a new folder, Like the viper but folds flat. Worth a look.
My dad uses one that I have used a few times. It worked well for me and it's pretty light to carry in and out. I use a Timbertall I like too, but it doesn't pack as flat as the Lone Wolf. I would say go for it if he's willing to spend the money.
I've owned summitts,Lone wolfs and timbertalls.By far,the best stand is a lone wolf,slightly modified.There really isn't much of a weight difference but the lone wolfs pack so nice,they seem lighter.They attach easier and much quieter than any other stand.You sit on a bar to climb and that's also fast,easy and quiet.Once you reach the height where you want to stay,you cinch the top to the bottom so it's rock solid and quiet.You can also swing the bar underneat the seat so you can easily shoot sitting down.The only place other than price that summit's beat the LW is comfort.They're seats are awesome but you can pick one up for 40 bucks and put it on the LW,which is what I did.The new wider top is also the ticket.I picked up the new top last year and it was a big improvement.For quick hunts or hunts that I have to hike a fair distance,I use the handclimber top.It's not as comfortable but it works well in certain circumstances.With the new wide top,summit seat and handclimber seat,I have a bunch of money wrapped into that stand but it was money well spent.

I don't fold the stand down when I use the handclimber top.I simply bungee the top section to the bottom.I like to use it that way in the morning when I may only have an few hours to hunt.I can have the stand hooked up and be 20 feet in a tree in less than five minutes from start to finish.If I plan on sitting for more than that,I try to use the sit and climb.It's really tough to beat a nice fall day relaxed and comfortable in that stand.

The Summits are a nice stand and very comfortable.They're a little bulky to pack and not nearly as quiet as a LW.Still,they're a very nice stand for the money.The summit seat on the new wider LW top gives you the very best of both worlds but at a pretty heft price tag.I like the LW much better because I shoot probably 75% of the deer I kill while sitting.The LW makes it easy and the climbing bar can be flipped up and you can rest you elbows on it when shooting a gun.Regardless of what eople claim,it still isn't much,if any lighter than other stands.It sems lighter to pack because it folds flat and the weight distribution doesn't pull on your shoulders.
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dce, What summitt seat did you put on the lone wolf?
I have the regular sit and climb LW.
I have 2 of the older models of the Sit and Climb. Great stand. Like DCE said, very quiet and very solid.

When looking around and having used a couple other stands, I just felt the LW was what I liked. Like he said, they pack very flat for walking thru the woods comfortably and quietly.

The Summit that I used was bulky and noisy when walking. Not saying they are that way now. Just hated the noise those hollow tubes made when branches brushed against them.
I love the sit-n-climb by Lone Wolf. Light weight, quiet and it folds flat for easy transport.
Woodsrat,It's just the regular Summit seat that probably fits their viper.I bought it from Cabela's.

The newer LW seats aren't bad but summitt has them perfected.
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