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Anyone near mansfield pa?

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Hi i was wondering it there was anyone near mansfield that could show me how to skin and take care of pelts? i don't have any sets out now but with deer season over i want to make some sets but i want to be able to take care of any possible catches when i do. prior to this i have very limited trapping experience other than trapping my bobcat 2 years ago, i'm looking to target canines but possibly coon also if i can take care of the furs. i would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to learn, and to tag along on a trapline would be great. If that is too much to ask just learning to handle the furs would be great. Thanks for your time, Rob
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ttt if some one is willing to show me i'll consider driving as far as i have to
if you want to drive an hour and a half i would show you how to skin and flesh and put up fur.
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