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If you look in the regulations, I'm willing to bet you'll find that tracer ammunition is illegal to use for hunting.

I know my gun club, and I suspect most gun clubs, have range rules prohibiting using tracers on their ranges. Fire hazard, you know. So, since there's no opportunity to practice with them on a range, there's no opportunity to see how accurate they are, or are not. Granted, the whole purpose* of tracer ammunition is to let the shooter see where his bullets are going, so their ballistics are similar to ball ammo. But the ball ammo is FMJBT. If you're not sighted in with FMJBT, whatever tracers you use will be off target, too. *(Secondary purpose: load 3 at the bottom of the magazine, to remind you it's time to change magazines. Schools of thought differ on this application.)

Finally, speaking from the experience of having run more than a few ranges during my military service, you would be astonished to watch where tracers wind up. If you miss the target and there's anything downrange to deflect them, they'll go zooming off into the night in the mode of "I shot an arrow in the air, it fell to earth I know not where". You can get away with that on a military post, where the whole center of the post is an impact area. But no way you can get away with that on civilian ranges, where you either hit and stay in the berm, or go off-property. And, to run those military ranges, we still had to have fire suppression equipment available. Nothing fancy, but enough to put out the inevitable brush fires.

Oh, yeah: watching firing on a night machinegun range through AN/PVS-5 NVG is really cool. Real light show.

If you're going to hunt, use proper hunting ammo.
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