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anybody going to eastern rondy

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iam going to the eastern on sunabody else going for the week or the day
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There will be 8 of us from the Whispering Pines club going for the week. Leaving Friday and return the following Saturday.
I have never been to a bad Eastern, some were very wet and some were cold, but we had fun at all of them.
Looking forward to it.
Where is the Eastern this year? Is it in West Virginia again?
in ohio / malvern oh
Been to Easterns in 100 degree heat and with snow, wet and mud, dry and drought. Always a good time. However, never in Ohio. Went to the High Plains rondy at Ft Mandan state park in ND alota yrs ago. That was not only fun, but held at the recontructed fort where Lewis and Clark spent a winter and hired Charboneau as a guide. We could see Buff roaming on the far shore.

Been to the eastern at Green Ridge State Park, Glen Gary (2x) Rocky Ridge, Lovingston VA, High Tor NY, Salmanca NY, Swatara State Park, Muddy Run (3x) There were others but I can't remember.
srry nessmuk malvern has the great trails i was wrong my bad
went to the eastern on sunday got there at 10 am when it open frist i hit the shops there was alot to look at and they had some good deals and some not .then i hit the camps 977camps it took me a long time to walk and talk to people i havent seen in a long time,but all in all had a great time they say next years eastern is in Va just outside of williamsburg and i will be there forsure
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts