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Any Trad clubs in the Pocono's/Lehigh Valley?

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Just wondering, pretty new at traditional, thought you guys would know.
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I would be interested as well....
Blue Ridge Bowmen is not strictly traditional but most of the guys at the monthly shoots are using recurves and longbows. They are located in the Saylorsburg area. If someone wanted to start a strictly traditional club there are a lot more of us in the Pocono area than you would think.
Just joined this site but can answer your question. Keystone rod and gun has some trad. bow guys at our Tuesday nite 3D shoots. They start May 4th. I'll be there with my longbow. Also Clover Leaf Archery Club outside of Quackertown has a big trad. following.
Shot at Cloverleaf quite a few years back, top notch 3D course! Just a little too far to drive to fling a few arrows.

Where is Keystone located?
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