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Any Tips For Early Morning Yotes

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Going out tomorrow morning with WayneCtyHunter for a few set ups for Coyotes. We've never called in the early hours and was wondering if any of you can offer some tips.

As for as types of calls, I was planning on using distress calls, Should I Scratch this idea and use Vocalization calls? And if so, how long should the sequence be and what should I expect if one is in the area?

I have called in three yotes so far, One with rabbit distress with a Johnny Stewart cassette caller, One with my Double Whammy Mouth Call, And one with A finch Distress with my Fox Pro Scopion. Light man on two of them, We killed one and missed one. And I shot under a yote this year with the finich distress (peaking over the gun, Way too excited that a yote came in). Two of the yotes came in hard and one came within approx 10 mins. What can I expect with vocalizations?

My equipment will consist of Fox Pro Scorpion, Randy Anderson Double Whammy,Small Squeaker (from a dog toy), Rabbit Decoy, Remington 7600 in 30.06 (only one I trust right now until I sight my 223 in again)
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This is a great question - and one I would have liked to see some feedback on. I ahve ahd several coyotes i caught on cam recently - all between the hours of 330 -630 am. I have been hunting at night. Tried 5 am to sunrise the other day with no action seen... I was using turkey distress with a turkey decoy.

When I was out one evening last week, at 900 pm, i heard some yipping in the distance but saw nothing and didnt hear any more vocals.... I went quiet while i waited... maybe i should have called....

Oh well, thats why its hunting not shooting I suppose. Would love to hear your experiences or others input...
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