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Any Savage 99 collectors here?

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I'm looking for someone who can help me on a quest. I have been looking for a savage model 99 chambered in .300 savage but I am not entirely sure what the differences in the models are. The problem is that I want an ORIGINAL 99 but it seems like they all have something different about them whether it's the sling swivels or the stock design. I like the look of the models with the curved forend. If one has a scope how do I know that it has not been drilled and ruined so to speak? I could really use some help in this quest.
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There are several models that feature the Shnabel forend, the Eg being the easiest to find.

I'm far from an expert, but I'd consider myself an eager student

Hers a quick rundown of models and characteristics:

the 99A:1899-1922 featured a shnabel foreend and was available in 300 Sav. starting in 1922. would not be factory D&t'ed

99B: 1899-1915 Also had a shnabel but was never chambered in 300 Sav.

99C: 1899-1915 Again a shnabel forend but no offering in 300 Sav.

99D: 1899-1905 was a military rifle , no 300 Sav.

(early)99F: several variations were offered from 1899 -1919 but again no 300 Sav.

99CD:1905-1917 Shnabel but no 300 Sav.

99H: 1905-1919 no 300 Sav.

99B Takedown: 1920-1934 Was offered in 300 Sav. and sported the shnabel forearm, no D&T

99C Standard Weight Short Barrel: 1922-1927 Anotehr shnabel offered in 300 Sav.

99D Standard Weight Short Barrel: 1922-1926 Shnabel forearm, offered in 300 Sav. with 24" barrel.

99E Lightweight: 1922-1934 full shnabel, 300 Sav. no D&T

99F Lightweight: 1920-1940 Full shnabel, 300 Sav. no D&T

99G Deluxe: 1922-1941 Shnabel and offered in 300 Sav. serial # range 238,000-407,000

99H Carbine: 1923-1940 straight forearm but offered in 300 Sav. No D&T

99A Featherweight: 1926-1937 Shnabel forend, 300 Sav no D&t serial # range 290,000-370,000

99K Deluxe: 1926-1940 Shnabel, 300 Sav. no D&T serial #'s 295,000-398,000

99R Heavy Rifle: 1932-1960 straight forend, 300 Sav, D&T'ed starting in 1950 serial #'s 340,000-1,060,000

99RS Heavy Rifle (special Sights) 1932-1958, same as 99Rs with Lyman or Redfield sights

99Eg: 1935-1960 shnabel. 300 Sav. D&T sarting in 1957 serial #'s 340,000-1,060,000

99T Featherweight 1935-1940, straight forend, 300 Sav. serial # 350,000-400,000

99F Featherweight: 1955-1973 straight forend, 300 Sav, D&T'ed serial # 755,000-

This is a rundown of the Pre-Mil 99's, EG's will be easiest to find and most reasonably priced. Be aware of any cracks in the tang and forends. cracks are common and can be managed and repaired if not too bad. Also look for aftermarket recoil pads, EG's should have a corrugated metal plate. The guys over on 24Hr are the experts!!
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