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Any Savage 99 collectors here?

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I'm looking for someone who can help me on a quest. I have been looking for a savage model 99 chambered in .300 savage but I am not entirely sure what the differences in the models are. The problem is that I want an ORIGINAL 99 but it seems like they all have something different about them whether it's the sling swivels or the stock design. I like the look of the models with the curved forend. If one has a scope how do I know that it has not been drilled and ruined so to speak? I could really use some help in this quest.
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By curved I assume you mean a Schnabel type forend?...That would be a 99EG and they are fairly common which means that you can get them at a reasonable price ($500 or less)......As a rule, the 300 Savage brings less money than most other chamberings because they are also most common.....Hope this gets you started.
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