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Mr. Bill likes to bloviate...
he just doesn't like it when he thinks other people are doing it.

He has to remind people he went to Harvard every so often,
because if he didn't remind you, you'd easily forget...
not like it's obvious in his bloviation.

I used to watch him occasionally. He <span style="font-style: italic">usually</span> is sane in his position, and
occasionally does good (like his helping the Marine in Mexico... if he actually
had any effect), at least the effort was worthy. However, his pompous,
arrogant, condescending attitude and habit of interrupting, just irritates
the snot out of me and I find it hard to listen to him even if I agree!

On this topic, I did happen to see it...
his arrogance and complete ignorance was embarrassing. I actually felt
bad for him, making a complete fool of himself on national TV. I guess
when you get so full of yourself, you convince yourself you know everything,
and no longer feel the need to research before you spew. So Sad.
I suspect that segment may hurt his career, because his audience, I
suspect knows how full of it he was.
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