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Hey all-anyone know/have any hunting lease opportunites in 4D avail for 2010 hunting seasons?

I may be willing to consider a joint, group arrangement possibly w/ others if they are likeable, but would prefer my own private arrangement if possible.

Just a bit of info on me: I'm in my mid 30's, a responsible business owner in the local community for the past 6+ years, degree from PSU, w/ 2 jobs, wife + 3 young kids at home, etc.

Hunting is my absolute pashion and it's my vice that helps me get through the daily stresses of life, and have a tremendous respect for the game I'm chasing. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed w/ family that has private lands, so I've spent the last 20 years hunting the local Game Lands w/ the occasional yearly invites from friends who are fortunate to have family camps. Over the years, the actions of some people on the Game Lands have sowered me a bit and raised my desire to find some private ground to hunt unbothered and safely (I've got a fam that depends on me).

Pulling the trigger isn't why I do it, rather it's the chase of the game and the wonders I see daily in the woods that I live for...and my family uses the meat every year. I don't take what we won't eat, and have never taken a running, or unethical shot on an animal in my life, I don't care how big/close the opportunity was, or how hearbreaking when you have to let it go because it wasn't an optimum opportunity.

Additionally, I'm extremely respectful when it comes to other's property or landowner preferences on doe only, buck only, or both...what seasons or weapon choices is preferred by the land owner, etc. I prefer to hunt all forms of game (deer, turkey, small game), in all seasons, compound bow, gun, muzzleloader, etc but am willing to listen to the landlowner and abide by the rules, no execeptions!

I was raised to be a "take more trash out then any I brought in w/ me" kind of guy...and have been known to take a backpack full of cans, etc out from State Lands on my travels (my friends joke that I'm the "Can Man").

I'm hoping to buy a camp in the future but need to save a bit more, figured if someone was interested in having a guy around that would be responsible, help take care of the property when I was there, and kick in some money for that safe, nice opportunity to hunt some private land...could be a win-win for both of us. Happy to provide plenty of professional/friendly/family references...

Thanks very much for your time!

Best wishes,

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