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Any Glock 20 Owners???

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Wife just bought me an early birthday present, a Glock 20 10mm!!!

Just interested in info from any other owners and "experts" in Glocks. I have heard that Glocks have a stellar reputation for reliability and functionality but I have also heard a few stories about 10mms "blowing up" because of the barrel not being able to handle the pressures from the 10mm?

Any truth to this?

Anyway, great gun, a true hand cannon. I am looking forward to lots of fun at the range when the weather gets better.

Thanks honey!
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I do not own a glock 20, but I do own a 29sf. In 10mm. It is my woods conceal carry. I love it. It packs a punch. Most factory ammo is loaded down. Unless your shooting buffalo bore or corbon. I carry with corbon.

I have never heard of 10mm barrels blowing up. I have seen in person, and spoken with people who have exceeded load data for the 10mm and blown off extractors and damaged guns.

I hand load for mine, and have loaded the full spectrum of 180 grain bullets and haven't had any problems. But it's easy to make a mistake when reloading for the 10mm when the min and the max for a load are less than a grain of powder in difference with some powders.

I can see damage if someone double charged.

I love my 10mm. Same capacity as the 40 s & w, higher velocity and a better performer than the 45.
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You won't blow up the barrel on the Glocks, they are pretty tuff. Gunjack is right, most of the factory stuff is loaded light keeping it the same as the .40 S&W stuff. Corbon does make some hotter stuff, but you can also get some really good hot ammo (the stuff that this was designed to shoot) from Underwood Ammunition (google it). I am a huge fan of the 10mm and think that it just never got the real praise that it should. Good luck with it enjoy it!

i have a glock 20 and absolutely love it. i carry it during bear season and choose double tap's 200gr. wfngc for ammo. i am not an expert on glocks or handguns but i did stay at a holiday inn express last night. lol, there many glock forums for any ?'s you have.
What ammo do you all prefer?

I have heard that Cor Bon and Double Tap both have a great variety of 10mm offerings as well as great performance.
My constant companion is the G29.........little brother to the G20.

I load most all of my own stuff. But the Winchester 175gr Silvertips are very hard to beat.
Oh, yeah........ Cor-Bon and Double Tap do offer some REAL butt-whoopin 10mm fodder.
Several years back I owned a Glock 10mm. Great gun, shot everything no hiccups and very accurate. Good pick.
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Here's a good bit of info:
Other than GA, Buffalo Bore an Double Tap theres another company...Im still lookin for it can't think of the name off the top of my head right now but all are decent
Have one as well. Bought it as a carry for bear season with the Doubletap hardcast bullets, just in case... Carry it all the time actually LOL
How are y'all carrying a Glock 20 during bear season? I thought PA regulations didn't allow any semi-autos? I have a Glock 20 I bought for pig hunting back home in TX, but rarely take it. The 10mm is a good cartridge, but doesn't do anything my .44s or .45 Colt doesn't do better. I thought about trading in my 20 on a 29SF, so I would have something to conceal carry into town when I leave the ranch, but haven't found the right trade, yet. The 10mm "blowing up" stuff, I think, stems from the case not being fully supported, though it is actually more of a "blow down" as I've seen a couple rupture and shoot the magazine out the bottom of the pistol. Usually, you can see earlier signs when you try to full-length re-size and crush brass because the bottom of the case is belled out a bit. I got tired of picking up 10mm brass in the field, so I had a stout .38 Spl converted to 10mm, and plan to carry that more than I carried my Glock.
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So the "blowing up" is more of a reloading issue?

Thanks for the replies everyone.
TraskOutdoors said:
So the "blowing up" is more of a reloading issue?

Thanks for the replies everyone.
the only "blowing up" i've heard about was when consistently using the hot loads like buffalo wore out the polymer parts quicker than when using regular loads.
Lake444 said:
How are y'all carrying a Glock 20 during bear season? I thought PA regulations didn't allow any semi-autos?
Good to carry as long as you have a concealed carry permit. You can also carry while archery hunting and spotting if you so desire, just as long as you have the CC permit.
Glocks are a good quality weapon, but don't fire lead, or plated lead bullets in it - there have been issues in Glock's factory polygonal rifling.

The 10mm a great round in the full-house loadings, but do produce some recoil. Not quite 41 Rem Mag ballistics from it.
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