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Antler dogs?

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Anyone had their dogs out looking for sheds?

Any luck?
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Not lately..but i'm takening her the next few weekends..I was out by myself the other day and found three can find my post in Big Game section..since i found them,i've been doing some training with her and she seem'd to pick it up pretty fast..Honkers
Been pumped up since i found the three my dogs want to get into it.. woohoo!! even the little loves took me 5 mins for the lab to get into it..ahaha

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My lab LOVES playing "fetch the antler" in the house and in the yard. I hope he gets the hang of "the real deal" quicky!

Nice pics!
That little dog has a great nose..shame he's so small..otherwise i'd take him and leave the lab home...ahahaa
Anyone know of any good trainers anywhere near SE PA (I'm in northern Berks) for antlers/hunting training with labs? My guy and I went out today, and he has some pretty good searching instincts, and he kept within 25-30 yards of me the whole time, which was great. He looks like he has some seriously good instincts, but I may need to bring him to someone with more experience to teach him and me.

I have him pretty good with obedience, but field-oriented stuff, I'm a complete rookie!

I took his training antlers along, which he loves to seek out at home....he found them, but was so interested in everything else, he just paused at them for a sec, then moved on.
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