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I was wondering how many others feel the way I we look down the barrel of another first day and another passing year.

At 46 I'm entering my 40th year in "service of the hunt", started at 6 years with "basic training" under the watch of old timers, real man's men who lived by a creed and their word, positive male role models each of them. Their basic training has been followed by the last 34 years of living a hunters life. Their gift and training lives on in me today.
I am forever humbled and cannot ever repay what I was blessed to be made a part of, this hunting fraternity of ours.
So this year it's back to the mountain, a labor of love, a trip that takes me each year past the woodlots that harbor the biggest of whitetails in Southwest PA to that mountain where I have stood my posts all these years, to watch another first days morning come to be; the wild come to life, listening to the voices of those who have gone on to the "big hunt", Dad, Uncle, and Friends; those of the greatest Generation!
Remembering the animals, the shots, the misses, the laugh's of days gone by....Priceless
I plan on Boring my poor 12 year old son to death with the same stories and relishing the fact that he's carrying Grand paps 50 year old Model 70, and my opportunity to extend basic training and "is the safety on" verse that was drilled into my head from so long ago..proud to be "passing it on" to another generation, to another new member of our fraternity.
Hopeful that Dad and his pals would be proudly looking down on us and maybe sending something our way!
I'm sitting here now hopeful for snow and the beautiful silence it brings to that evergreen hillside. Priceless!
Oh yeh and maybe killing a little "Government Beef"....
either way I'm a blessed and aweful lucky guy!
Here's to the memories, the men, the passage of time and doing it the right way !
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