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Another theatre shooting, why no press coverage?

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Here's another recent shooting that happened on Dec 16 but for some reason I haven't hear alot about it. Maybe because a good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun before he could make it a massacre. Hey sounds just like what the NRA said we should do more of.
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These same type of stories are repeated thousands of times each year and the liberal media ignores every single one of them. Actually, it probably ticks them off as they can't spread their propaganda and if these stories get out people might actually see the truth.

America, Americans and the 2A are under attack.
Maybe it's an umbrella killing, and they haven't gotten to umbrella bans yet. Maybe only ones that have a deliberate "pike" on the end of them.....then, is that a high capacity umbrella, complete with rapid open/close ability, making it a assult umbrella? Give them time to get to the right choice.
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