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I’m glad we didn’t go to bed listening to the weatherman again.
I went with uncle Garner to one of his spots to try some birds that have avoided us so far this season. We picked the right spot, he gobbled right in front of us, and we heard him and his crew fly down within 150 yards.
I gave them just a few soft clucks to let them know we were there and put the calls away to let the decoy take over.
We watched two jakes chase each other around, then a hen materialized from the woods followed by a big strutter. We got to watch them for about 45 minutes until they finally worked to a point where they could see the decoy. The hen locked right on, followed by the rowdy jakes, and the gobbler tagged along just like he should.
This is my first season using FeatherMoon Outdoors calls, and they have exceeded my expectations. Just pure quality turkey in every call.

1 5/16 & 1 3/16 spurs
9.5” paintbrush
30.5” fan


1 - 14 of 14 Posts