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Another Nice Grey

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Wasn't planning on hunting tonight but snuck out for abit. Managed to take this big female at about 20yds. She came into the "platinum grey" on my Fury II. Gotta love those hard chargers. Sent a load of Winchester Xtended Range B-shot her way, DRT.
The only question my wife had when I returned home was "How come I don't have a fox coat yet with all these animals you keep bringing home?"

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Nice one, congrats.
Yea that's looks like a nice grey! WTG
Nice Grey beagler, I get the same at my house.

If you are serious about getting a fur coat check out the below link. Prices don't seem all that bad.
Congrats. My wife says the same thing. I may suprise her some day.
I'm not surprising anybody for over 2 grand....
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Hoping to get out one more time since they are going out of season on Saturday night. Then I'll concentrate on calling coyote.
I am giving coyotes till the end of the month then I am done they are going to be having there pups. Not a big fan of killing a bit*h if she has live pups on the ground, Gives me more to hunt the next fall.
That is a nice one!
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