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ANOTHER Chewing Issue....

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Anyone have any suggestions as to what type of bedding I might put in the crate with my Britt that he won't reduce to ribbons in a week ? We've gone through every old blanket we had and now the poor guy is facing having to lie on the cold hard plastic bottom of the crate !
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My GSP used to chew on blankets, but never was really bad. Just the torn edges once in awhile. My wife went to jo-ann fabrics and got some waterproof camo material that feels like the material they make vehicle seat covers out of, and made a pad for the crate. She stuffed it with some polyfil and so far he hasn't bothered it, and it makes for a softer bed than just the blanket.
I have Mud River Dog Products kennel pads. $20-26 pending size I think. I use to use $3 bath towels from Wally World (which would be shredded in a week) but after hearing horror stories on HPA and beyond of dogs in emergency surgery to un-obstruct bowels filled with fabric, I switched over. They take a beating, you'll hear the sound of their nails scratching the nylon fabric trying to get a snag and a foothold to work with and rip it apart, they haven't. They routinely get coated with woodcock cover gunk but they clean up nice, I put an 1/8 cup of laundry detergent on them and rub it in good with hot water, rinse, work some K.O.E into it and rinse again... good as new. They're down side is taking about two days to dry completely inside and out. I've got a rotation of four right now with a pup that seems to have an intense desire to pee somewhere between 2-4am, have not figured it out yet.
My Britt lies on the cold hard plastic. He has chewed up every blanket, towel, pad, dog bed I have put in his crate. He doesn't seem to mind.
I add a kennel pad for one of mine and there are several tough enough to withstand a dog's attention.
But, rather than chew, the other two dogs dig and get any pad wadded up in what seems an uncomfortable position.
So, I keep a good bit of straw frequently changed for them.
Straw will migrate out of the box but...such is Life in general.
A piece of horse stall mat is likely cushion enough.
Thanks for the tips gentlemen. The wife has already sentenced him to sleep on said cold hard plastic, but I'll likely pick up a kennel pad and try to talk him into leaving it in one piece !
My brit sleeps in bed with my son so I'm no help to you at all.
I've read that carpeting underneath the crate provides as much padding as carpeting in the crate itself.

That said, I don't see that it will hurt a young dog to sleep on plastic.
Get some 1000 denier cordura and make some up - can even glue them if sewing is an issue. Regular old carpet padding does a good job for padding. Used to be able to get some good deals her eon fabric in "hide-the-stains" camo colors too -
I would eliminate any padding and let the dog sleep on the plastic. I know too many guys who have paid thousands in surgeries to eliminate bowel obstructions due to their dogs eating blankets and padding.

I have used rubber stall mats in the past with the dogs in the kennels. The mats are similar to mine belting and practically indestructible but the dogs typically prefer to lay on the concrete because it is cool in the summer and heated in the winter. I have several dogs over 12 years of age that still hunt like 5 year olds and they has spent their entire life on concrete so I don't think that the surface they sleep on has a lot to do with longevity unless they have joint or other physical issues.
Great info from all. Sounds like I'm babying the little guy a bit (as usual), and he doesn't need a nice cushy bed.
He never seems to actually eat the blankets and towels we've put in there, just reduces them to nice, uniform ribbon-sized pieces and spreads them all over ! Good pup, though :).
my dog chewed the corner off a mud river pad. i can't put anything in the crate ,she lays on the plastic tray. i threw away a black kong that she chewed pieces off of. You think you got chewing issues ???
I have a K9 Kondo that has a steel floor in it. I cut a farm store stall mat to fit in it and it works perfect. I too have heard horror stories of dogs needing surgery after eating bedding and other fabrics.
Tucker chewed two couch pillows, the second of my wife's pair of shoes (now they match), and the heel off of one of my son's tee-ball cleats tonite. Yay !
I'm sure you've heard most of these before, but . . .

1) A tired dog is a good dog. An hour of hard running, will certainly take some of the edge off of him.

2) Nylabones - Something he's allowed to chew

3) Crates are your friend. If he's not under direct supervision, it's better for his health and your belongings if he's in the crate.
Perfect storm (no pun intended) last night. Took our eye off of him just long enough, he had nothing else he's allowed to chew, and he didn't get taken for a walk or run. I think he knew I was talking about him chewing things on here and wanted to show me his real talent !
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