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Another Beginner

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I am another beginner here. I am getting back into fishing a bit more after being a casual 2-3 day a year trout/bass fisherman for the last 10 years. I have gotten back into spin fishing this year and have had a great time.

I have been curious about fly fishing, back in college I picked up a shakespeare 3 piece combo and caught several salmon/steelhead in NY. Frankly I am unsure how I caught anything because I have no idea what I was doing. Most of the fish caught were from a very nice fisherman that gave me a fly after watching me struggle. I proceeded to catch numerous fish until one finally broke off taking the fly with him. So with that said I am mainly going to target trout in south central/south east pa. Hopefully, I wont need to spend a significant amount to try fly fishing again.

So what I have equipment wise
8 foot shakespeare 3 piece rod with 10 year old line.
two boxes of flys but I do not know what I have or if/when it would be appropriate to use.

So my questions are:
Though the rod is not much is it appropriate or serviceable for trout?
I am guessing I need to replace the fly line/tippet the rod says #5/#6 fly line - any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
As for fly's have some most were given to me by my uncle, some where purchased but I have no idea if any would apply to trout. So any help here would be appreciated. If I should pick a few new flies then so be it.

Thanks in advance.
Here is what I have:

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Looks like a good selection of starter flies to me! As far as the rod, it's not my cup of tea, and honestly IMO the better rod you get the better results. Some may disagree. But it is probably good enough to start with. I started with an eagle claw outfit when I was young and it worked fine, but I like the rods I have now much better. I would say you have a decent starter kit there to get you on the water.
I use a 7.5' 5x tapered leader for pretty much everything unless I think I'm going to be doing lots of dry flies on a trip, then I'll put a 9ft leader on. I would change the fly line by virtue of the fact that it is so old, but you may also want to attempt to get some cleaning solution and just scrub it up as well. It lasts practically forever if it is not stored in the sun, and with cleaning it may work fine. If you do get new line, I would look for some factory second line of some kind; it's usually cheaper and just as good. I have used Cortland line from Walmart and like it, and on the outfit you have there I personally wouldn't dump out a small fortune on line. I would put the money into a better setup first. Line can run upwards of $75 a pack, but something in the $15 - $20 range is what I would put on that rod. I get all my leaders from Walmart too, the Cortland ones. I usually get three or four tapered leaders, and always keep a spool of 4x, 5x, and 6x tippet in my vest. If you want to fish streamers or big dries keep some bigger tippet sizes as well, it helps with fly turnover. I am hoping someone else who actually knows what they are talking about joins in here soon lol. This is mostly just stuff that works for me, and I think you have a good starting point there. If you are going to use nymphs, I would look into starting with some small strike indicators to help. They do more than show strikes. They also help you keep the fly in the feeding lane and show you how it is drifting, allowing you to get to the fish and present the fly naturally. I'm not sure what else really. The important part from here is getting some time on the water!
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Oh yeah, ant patterns are always great! I personally like a good parachute ant. The post makes the bug MUCH easier to see and the ant will ride in the surface film. Drives the trout crazy! And the WBs too are great. Personally the egg patterns always produce well for me, well, almost always. Some use prince nymphs to great effect, I have personally never done really great on them. Personal preference and trout preference at the time I suppose. Also for the woolys if you can find them in a rusty brown color and fish them where there are crayfish in the stream you will kill on them. I saw a small rainbow come out from behind a rock and shoot about six feet across the stream to grab a rusty brown WB one time. I put the cast right behind the rock and started stripping it back to me. The little booger came out and nailed it lol.
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