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Another Beginner

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I am another beginner here. I am getting back into fishing a bit more after being a casual 2-3 day a year trout/bass fisherman for the last 10 years. I have gotten back into spin fishing this year and have had a great time.

I have been curious about fly fishing, back in college I picked up a shakespeare 3 piece combo and caught several salmon/steelhead in NY. Frankly I am unsure how I caught anything because I have no idea what I was doing. Most of the fish caught were from a very nice fisherman that gave me a fly after watching me struggle. I proceeded to catch numerous fish until one finally broke off taking the fly with him. So with that said I am mainly going to target trout in south central/south east pa. Hopefully, I wont need to spend a significant amount to try fly fishing again.

So what I have equipment wise
8 foot shakespeare 3 piece rod with 10 year old line.
two boxes of flys but I do not know what I have or if/when it would be appropriate to use.

So my questions are:
Though the rod is not much is it appropriate or serviceable for trout?
I am guessing I need to replace the fly line/tippet the rod says #5/#6 fly line - any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
As for fly's have some most were given to me by my uncle, some where purchased but I have no idea if any would apply to trout. So any help here would be appreciated. If I should pick a few new flies then so be it.

Thanks in advance.
Here is what I have:

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I think you would be good with the rod and reel you have to test your interest.

Psycho gave you some good info on leaders. The fly you have will probably work to start with as long is there is no cracks and it feels smooth to the touch as you run the length thru your thumb and fore finger. A good line cleaner will definitely improve the performance and will can be used in the future too.

Your flies may work that you have, but I am hesitant to recommend that they are consistent trout catchers unless you are fishing for hungry natives.

I will recomment a few of my favorites for trout.

#1: Wooly buggers: Gold beaded in black and olive green.
Rather inexpensive and can be found at Walmart, Dicks, Gander Mountain. I catch my majority of trout on these and they are good for bass too they should cast well with your size fly rod. My favorite method is casting out at 9 & 10:00 and quick stripping them back in in 4 to 6" sequences.

Nymph fishing: Gold beaded prince nymph in size 14. Using a thing-a-mcbobber in the smallest size availabe for a strike indicator. This method always produces for me when nothing else seems to be interesting the trout.

Dry fly fishing: A good floating black ant pattern in size 12 & 14. This is a good generic dry fly to use when you see trout taking flies on top. A royal coachman in size 14 is a good dry fly attractor to use.

There are many other good patterns I could recommend, but to get you started these are my recommendation. I have been mentoring a few fishermen into fly fishing each year and these are the patterns that I have them using. I would say the beaded wooly buggers on the easiest to get beginners to consistenly catching trout.

I am by no means an expert or elite fly fisherman. I just enjoy catching them more on the fly rod over the spinning rod.

Be sure to post a few catch pictures in the fly fishing section when you get a chance to give it a whirl.

Tight Lines
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Still around, but can't offer much help in selecting your outfit.

I have been using a Fenwick 3 wt. 7 1/2' for almost 40 years now. It's great for the smaller streams that abound in my area. Little light for casting woolybuggers, but I love the lightweight and feel of the rod and am able to fish dry flys, nymphs, and wooly buggers with it.

Took it up to the Juniata one day and was under gunned for the bigger water.

I have a 8 1/2 shakesphere 5wt fiberglass wonder rod that I first started fly fishing with and I now take it to fish the larger streams such as the Juniata.

I've been pondering on buying another fly rod in a 5 or 6 wt. around 8 1/2'. Still window shopping myself.
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