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So len I finally found some time to make it out mousing...never did that last time I emailed you a few weeks ago...just never had time to make it out fishing...but last night I made sure I did...

Mini Mouse

started around midnight at castle rock...few splashes there but no hook ups..then fished the plunge pool on mill by the community park with no hits..was 4 am at that point so I headed westward...

arrived there around 430 and got in the river and started casting mice patterns on my 7wt...second cast I hooked up with a monster....but was a big male brown and had the fly in his jaw...5 min later he did a big head shake sending the fly back into my face...

Never got to see him except for the head when it ate the the same size class...would have been in trouble with any smaller of a rod

thought I was going to took two last cast as far upstream as possible....second cast a monster inhaled my mouse on the third strip....

prolly a 15 min battle...thank god I went and bought a bigger net after fishing with you....thank you again for all your help...truly caught a fish of a lifetime and he is still swimming.

measurements were 27.5"...guessing over was a true tank.

Thanks len again I'm gonna have a replica made of it..still in denial that I caught a fish that large
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