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An idea to help out vendors not going.

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I wasn't gonna go to the show this year even before all the boycotts which I agree with 100%. Now I feel that I should support the vendors who aren't going, to help with there loss. I have deciced to pick one random name and buy something from there website.
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If you can comment on your order tell them you saw them on and are proud of them for boycotting it would help. I am not going to try to profit off it like some sites are via social media, but this boycott has pretty much used up the HPA resources as of late and we are proud of that. I doubt i ever saw this crowd more fired up or united.

I have been tactical buying lately, I never really realized how cool all that the stuff was til it got all the press and attention, thanks NBC!!. I am guessing prices have never been higher on that stuff, but it feels like freedom when you do it, and there is no price on that....outfitting a tac gun is like picking options on that dream pick-up LOL
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts