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Was definately filmed in Lancaster. I recognize many of the scenes as they drive around. Remember Alan (black Amish) arrest. But it is a totally scripted play. People from all over with FB pages, own websites, Alan pitched all these shows to DC/TLC/History channel. Has his own Amish acting studio and modeling agency in Lancaster.

Well, that was till the promo of AM... Things quickly disappearing from the radar as show grows...

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Took only a few minutes watching it to figure out it was BS!! The first Show, Breaking amish, was kinda interesting. I live near Punxsy and my G`Kids have seen the Young Couple at Football games and the Indiana Mall. I believe it was totally scripted also.....

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Reality Shows ....... yeh, scripted folks!

I have a friend that attended a Trapping Conference out at Perdue University a few months ago. People from all over the country came to this, serious trappers. They broke up in individual "groups" and did hands on trapping on this property that Perdue and the State owned/operated together. So before they started their first day they go around the group and introduce themselves and their background. This one guys says his name and that he's a trapper for Discovery Channel. Everyone look sat him, then one another, and finally someone says, ".... Discovery Channel?". Yep, I work for them to trap the animals for the their show that has "Turtle Man" on. Everyone was like, hey ... right!?!?!? So this guys has a few pictures on his cell phone of the animals he trapped for Turtle Man's show and such. What he's employeed by DC to do is to go out, trap the animals, bring them back and cage them, then have Turtle Man take time mess with them and handle them, then DC "plants" or "scripts" to animal removal segment for their show.

Can you believe that?

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Yeah... Don't think the Amish Mafia would last two seconds to the Youngstown Mob..... Think they would be a warm stop in the ground for a short time... But like my Grandmother from Italy says..."Just because a man from Italy is successful in life, everyone labels them as mobsters" I am glad I live in western,PA would hate to hunt one of those Amish Farms and have the amish mob try to collect for hunting their property....Be careful out their

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Oh yeah... That one guy...Dave Hester on Storage wars was fired for speaking out how the show was set up...The show would hand out money to people to run up the cost of the auction....Plus they would plant items in the lockers.... Who would have a locker full of junk then they find a Andy Warhol painting hidden under a ton of dirty cloths.....

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I have a friend who works for Discovery. He said a lot of those shoes are fake including Amish Mafia and Moonshiners.

I believe that Call of the Wildman (Turtleman) is on Animal Planet. That show is ridiculously fake as well in my opinion.

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On September 18th, 2011, I sat down with a man, formerly of the Amish Mafia. He was a tall man with rugged features. His hands were heavily calloused and he spoken in a firm, yet understated polite manner.

Ummmm, shouldn鈥檛 you be in a disguise?

What do you mean? I used to wear a big hat, sunglasses, and a beard. Shaving off the beard, losing the hat and shades, this is my disguise. Nobody is going to recognize me.

I see. How did you get started in the Amish Mafia?

I was working on a farm in upstate New York for Brother Hezekia. I didn鈥檛 know it when I started, but he was running numbers for the Amish Mafia at all of the county fairs - horse pulls, pie baking, largest pumpkin, and other competitions. I began to help and did so well, that in the first year I was given my own racket. I was put in charge of the northern New York butter churning. It wasn鈥檛 much, but I knew if I proved myself there, there would be bigger opportunities down the road. Eventually I worked my way up and was controlling all barn-raising for New York, Vermont, and Delaware. If you want to have a barn-raising in either of those states, you needed labor, you had to come through me. Those Mennonites were constantly trying to muscle in on our turf and we had to keep them in check.

What else was your family involved in?

We controlled a lot of the flow of trade goods: Quilting and related crafts, woodworking, protection. Drugs.


Yes Sir.

I am shocked! How did that work out?

Well, I got greedy and I think that was my downfall. Had I kept it small and dealt just the light stuff, I would have been all right. But the money was good. Pretty soon I was into dealing the hard stuff.

Hard stuff? Do you mean Coke?

Coke? Yes, and Pepsi too. Some of our people really took to the caffeine.

I was talking about Cocaine. Where you dealing cocaine?

The what now? Not sure what that is. No, I got into the hard stuff, ibuprofen, nyquill, motrin, and extra strength Tylenol. Had I just stuck with the tums, Rolaids, Asprin, and caffeinated beverages I wouldn鈥檛 have attracted so much attention. I was out of control.

Oh. It鈥檚 not allowed in your community?

No. That is why we had to smuggle it in.

You mentioned you offered protection, what did you mean by that?

If you wanted to make sure your fruit and vegetables did not get smashed at the farmers market, that kind of thing.

How wide spread is the Mafia within the Amish culture?

Most of us, in one way or another.

How dangerous is the Amish Mafia?

Typically we controlled through intimidation. If you came home and the wicks were gone on all of your lanterns or the strings on the family loom were cut - that kind of thing, it generally got the message across that we were serious.

Do you currently fear for your life?

Nope. I moved to the other side of the interstate. They can鈥檛 cross interstate highways in their horse-drawn buggies. Occasionally, I will trip up and blow my cover. I was at a restaurant the other day and I wanted it a bit darker. I walked up and tried to blow out a light bulb. Ooops! Not a candle. Nobody noticed, but it鈥檚 those kinds of things that can really blow your cover.

I am very surprised to even find out there is such thing as the Amish Mafia. How long has it existed?

Long time. Even before we were known as the Amish. We used to be with the Mennonites, but we broke off in the late 1700鈥檚. They were getting too liberal and modern for us. When they began using hand pumps instead of a rope and bucket to get their water, we said enough of this new fangled technology and we began plotting to separate. We called ourselves 鈥榯he Fundamentalists鈥 and we needed income to support our seperationist views. We eventually had enough wealth to purchase some land and start our own settlements and we did. The 鈥榠ncome source鈥 just seemed too easy to abandon at that point.

We settled in Las Vegas when it was just a railroad stop. We set up shop there, pre dating the more famous Italian mob by a couple of decades. Vegas has been the center of the Amish Mafia for many years. When the mob got big and noticeable, the feds ran them out. Apparently they are too afraid to tangle with the Amish Mafia. They just let us be.

Were you involved in the casinos?

The what now?

Were you involved in the gambling at the casinos?

No. We handle barn raisings, looming supplies, quilts, and candle making throughout Vegas.

I鈥檓 curious. How many barns get raised in the Las Vegas each year?

You mean Las Vegas proper, or the Southern Nevada area. Las Vegas handles all of Southern Nevada and parts of Utah and Arizona.

Yes, the entire region. How many barns each year?

Well, none. Business has not been good the last few decades.

You eventually left the organization and turned on your own. How difficult was that?

It was tough. It was my whole life. But I didn鈥檛 like the direction the family was headed. Our new leadership was getting too 鈥楬ollywood鈥. Brother Ezekiel, head of the family, had three brand new chrome buggies! Now, why would you need one chrome buggy, let alone three? I finally said enough is enough.
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