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amish contractors near Blossburg(Troy or Canton)

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Anyone know good Amish craftsmen or good local contractors near Blossburg, Troy, or Canton? Looking to see about adding on to the cabin, possibly a second story for additional bedrooms. And gut/redo inside of original cabin.
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Tunatime, I'm live on Gulf Rd in east Troy and have used Eli Schwartz (? sp) from Canton. I was satisfied with his work. I'm told his father, Sam , also has a good reputation. Eli lives on Williams Hollow Rd. and Sam lives on Sunset Rd. Williams Hollow Rd dead ends on Sunset Rd. Sunset Rd dead ends onto Beech Flats Rd. The live close to each other. There is also another builder on East Canton/Windfall Rd. that built a couple of nice sheds for my brother. You can reach me at 570-364-8032 if you have trouble finding these people.
Lou Iannucci
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