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Shot it for about an hour at the range---had to move the HHA sight up one set of holes then had it dead center at 20 yards.(The needle points to #23) after the season I will shoot out at 60 yards and see where the needle points. The QAD HD rest is flawless. After a few more minutes I had 3 at 20 yards all in the center ring and touching---my old Hoyt never shot that good after 1000s of shots.....Im PLEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took it hunting this evening but opted not to shoot a doe yet.
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I knew you would like it .I never used the site tape with the hha,I just marked the spots on a piece if masking tape.0-30 yards should be at about the same place.
Sweet bow sweet sight that should work out pretty well for ya! Good luck with it!
Holy Cow that sight pin is bright ---even at dusk the rheostat didnt have to be all the way open!
i got the same bow just 2 month a go, and like it a lot, dont have any to compare with since this is my first seasson of bow hunting. I hope to go to the US next year if it isnt to hard getting a hunting licens.

Funny thing---I just met a guy at the gun range in Delta last week who lives not far from you!!! He hunts Harford County MD every year with a buddy from Kassel Germany.
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