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Still have one antlerless tag that I have designated to archery if the opportunity came. Tuesday, I was up early and drove the 50 miles to a farm game co-op that I have permission to hunt. Arrived to find no one else on the end of the farm that I wanted to hunt. I got settled into a funnel hoping a buck would push some does by.

This high and narrow four point came through not long after dawn.

Not long after him a nice buck was crusing the edge of a thick bedding area. I grunted at him a few times and he came to about 50 yards before he picked me out of the blowdown I was hiding in on the ground. Not the best picture but he is in the upper right. 16 inch 8 point.

I was seeing deer pretty steady all morning so I say it out and had this tight 8 point come within 15 yards of me.

He turned and went where he came from and soon therafter he pushed three does past me just out of range. I could here them milling around and here they came back past me, again out of range. About 15 minutes later, the same three does are headed my my with the same 8 point in tow and this time there are on a trail that will allow a shot.

The lead doe stops to my grunt and I let one fly estimating the range at 28 yards. Off they go, uphill and out of sight. I can hear some crashing around and begin to get optimistic. That soon faded when I ranged where she was standing when I shot at 34 yards.
I soon my my arrow as clean as it left the bow. Evidently I shot under her.

I sat till 12:00 and called it a day. Almost, but that only counts in horseshoes.
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