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allegheny county 2b

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Has anyone ever got a fox or coyote in allegheny county or 2b? I live at the top near wexford and im just tired of driving 45 mibs either direction to hunt. Iv hunted the wexford sgl 203? Two times and I shot a racoon, I have heard and seen coyoes in the valley vehind my house but cannot hunt there. Anyone got any ideas as far as "public" places to go or what not... thanks
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And to anyone eles reading, how far do you travel to hunt at night? regaurdless of where you live.
I go like 10 minutes all the places I hunt are 10 minutes away from my house.
I hunt 2b all the time...try the game lands out by post gazette pavilion that's kind of close to wexford I know people that archery hunt out there they say they've seen a few yotes been meaning to try out there sometime but usually stay more south
Over the past 4 years we have shot at several in 2b, however, only killed one as recently as 3weeks ago. Started out with the cotton tail distress and after 2 min shut the call off. 20 secs later saw eyes at 100 yards out and coming fast. Got within 75 yards and almost had a stroke when we saw what it was. My buddy crushed it with a 204 and it dropped dead in it's tracks. Couldn't believe it. Trying to figure out how to use photo bucket so all of you see this hog.
87 I have seen both at the schools on the hill. Now I know you can't there but it might be a starting point for ya. I have also seen foxes the the other end by the park. By the old drive-in.
try find places out around big knob or over around callery evans city area also there is a fram off the red belt over by treesdale that let hunters on her property i have seen 3 yotes there this year
I need to start asking random ppl for permision, basicly its reall the only way around here, theres tons of woods its just mostly private. too bad north park isnt a state park; my buddy lives near the boat house and hears them all the time haha. i have seen two foxes this year locally a red and a grey, the grey was road kill right on 19, I usedto see foxes all tye tine when I was a kid but all I ever get in sw pa is coyotes, i did shoot my first red this year in burgettown, but otherwise.
Its great to be done and get in the car knowing your 5 miles from your house, I have no problem driving an hour it just gets old when it doesnt work out, iv had alot of luck in 2a, 1a. Just need to put it together locally. I bet we have some monster coyotes here cause they have protection of private property and saftey zones, I hear them pretty often in tye valley behind my house, maby ill breakout the crossbow.
Be careful if u do try Allegheny- shotgun,rimfire or archery only - get caught with a centerfire in here and you will Be In hot water.
Lol thanks for clearing that up for us.
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