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There is a wet spot on my property where I would like to create an alder thicket. I'd like to use plants native to this area. The land in question is in northern Huntingdon County. Would Speckled Alder (Alnus Incana) or Tag Alder (Alnus Serrulata) be appropriate?
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Check with your local forestry office or check on the native plants database.
Red Osier Dogwood would be another good choice.
Lots of good suggestions here. Stay away from willow trees though.
Thanks for the responses.

The iconservepa site lists Alnus Serrulata, Smooth or Tag Alder.

As far as natural range goes, most of the websites I've checked show Speckled Alder in the northern half of the state and Tag Alder in the southern half.

I already have some silky dogwood coming from the Game Commission.
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