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Air Skinning

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Had this on the general hunting but it was suggested to put it on here also.

I was watching you tube videos with my son and we came across air skinning. Does anyone do this? Does it really work or make it any easier to skin? Is there any secrets to it? Seeems like it might make it a little easier on cold/stiff animals?? We try to do as much of our skinning warm as we can to keep it easier but that isn't always an option.

I thought that using this method might make it a little easier for my son in teaching him to skin fox, coyotes, coon, etc that you obviously want to be more careful with. Deer, squirrel, rabbits, etc not a big deal because it doesn't really matter if you rip or cut the hide as much.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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You think it's going to work like a champ and the skin will peel right off. Amazingly, this is not the case and it still requires a good bit of knife work.

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Thats what it looked like in the first couple of videos that we watched. Seemed like after you hit them with the air you could just take the hide off like it was a coat. With further investigation watching a deer video it looked like kind of a waste of time. Seemed like it took the guy just as long to get the hide off, after he hit with air, as it does for us to skin one without air....
get yourself a winch skinner and save yourself lots of time and hassle...believe me the power skinners are worth thier weight in GOLD..
stevie and his dad say it works great on coons . never personally tried it myself .
I agree with walker on the winch. Just another multi purpose tool.
i have air skinned this year but still find there needs to be alot of knife work also. Its not a fall off the meat tactic like i thought.Lol
Thanks for the input guys! We are going to try to air skin just to see what happens for ourselves.....and to be able to say we did it, but I think I am also going to look into a winch skinner. By the looks of things you are exactly right Walker
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