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the first batch of deer jerky is out of the dehydrator. Did half with the "usual" recipe, and spiked the other half with extra red pepper flakes to keep the wife at bay. The hot stuff is onthe top of the bag so she thinks it's all HOT LOL

from memory...

2/3 cup Dales
2/3 cup dark brown sugar
2 tbls garlic powder
2 tbls onion powder
1/4 cup worcestershire
1/4 cup water
2-3 tbls red pepper flakes
2 tsp FRESH GROUND black pepper
2 tsp sea or canning salt
2 tbls tenderquick
4 lbs ground venison

mix and let sit for 8 hours, mix again, sit again, then fill the jerky shooter.

Dried for 14 hours in the fan assisted Ronco.

ON that note...i'm secretly hoping the old Ronco dehdrator bites the dust this year. I want a new excalibur...

What dehydrator do you guys use?


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Discussion Starter · #5 · I did alot of research on the topic of getting jerky to 165 degrees today. My thought is that cooking the jerky to this temp at any point in time would basically render the meat dry and crispy and un-enjoyable.

However, a quick call to the sausage and jerky guru at Con Yeager has me singing a different tune. Suggested method is to cook the meat at 175-180 for 1 hour 15 minutes, then transfer to a dehydrator to finish at 145 degrees until done. Supposedly yields a chewy texture that isn't too crunchy, and it kills ALL the little nasties. I'm still dodging bullets with the last batch and none of us has the squirts, yet
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