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Aguila 22 sub sonic ammo

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I was at the local gun shop last nite & over heard a conversation about repairs being done.
it seems they had a few 22 rifles come in that would not hit anything. the common denominator was the low power Aguila 22 sub sonic ammo.

the one gun had 5 rounds stuck in the barrel 3 " from the muzzle. another gun had 3 rounds stuck about 2" from the muzzle.
because these rounds are soft lead they were able to drive the rounds out of the barrel.
they also tested a brand new box of this ammo & the rounds stuck again :icon_rolleyes_zps90
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The subsonic or the powderless (Super Colibri)?
All the Aguila is in that color of box. The subsonic (that I'm familiar with) is like an extra long lead bullet loaded into a .22 short case. The powderless is a regular long rifle case with a normal size but pointed bullet.
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