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Afternoon/Evening hunting strategy?

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How many carry a shotgun during evening scouting for a morning hunt, just in case?

How many carry a shotgun during evening as a planned strategy to harvest a gobbler?

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I have an old gobbler that's been roosting in some huge beechnuts along a creek bottom. Fly's down and heads to some posted land and gobbles his head off. I missed him at 20 yards with my bow opening day, so he's not exactly in love with me or coming toward were I can hunt him. My plan for next week is to be set up by the beech's in the evening with my bow.
When I hunt in the evenings I hunt a known roost area until like 7:30 or so and then I move back and roost em for the am. I killed a good one two years ago at 7:00 and was able to run down to the field with him and tucked the survivors into bed.

You could really hunt it until LST but you could get stuck there til 9 when its dark enough to slip out.
Other than next Saturday my only chance to go will be in the evenings so I am looking forward to the reponses in this thread.
Tried evening hunting a few times but found it pretty boring. Have any of you ever got one gobbling in the evening and called it in to your set up ?
Oh yeah.
IMO when evening hunting is permitted a person would be foolish to not have their gun. I've killed more evening than morning birds in KS, although they're Rios or hybrids, with more predictable roost sites.
Called one in gobbling his head off at a little after 5 a couple years ago.

They were roosting in a wooded creek bottom, surrounded by fields and I headed out there after work. I struck him up right off the bat and he came charging in, double gobbling the whole way...

Is that the norm? No. Getting into those transition areas between known strutting zones and known roost areas is key, and keep your eyes peeled because more than likely they won't make a peep when they come in...
I dislike evening hunts. Just to warm for me. Havent gone yet.
I dislike evening hunts. Just to warm for me. Havent gone yet.
Shouldn't be an issue this week?
I think any time you head in to the woods without a gun/bow when it is legal is crazy. You never know when the animal of a lifetime may present an opportunity. JMO
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