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I have several spring powered air rifles. I thought I would start this thread to discuss techniques to using them effectively. Some points that I would make are the following:
1) They are sensitive to how you hold them. A light hold and allowing the gun to recoil consistently is important to good accuracy.
2) Get a good scope and rings that can handle the recoil of a spring gun. Nothing can loosen up scope mounts or break a scope like a powerful spring gun.
3) Be careful to control the barrel when you cock it. They can get away from you and do some damage.
4) Most guns have a favorite pellet...try different weights and brands to get best accuracy.
5) Light careful cleaning of a new gun can help accuracy. Some guns come heavy oil or grease to prevent rust. Once the barrel is clean, you should not have to clean it very often.
6) Some air gun oil is necessary to maintain the seal. Too much oil is bad and can cause dieseling, which will turn your air powered gun into a combustion powered gun.
7) Be careful with lead pellets. Don't let your dog or kids get into them. Don't handle them and then eat cheetos.
8) Go watch some youtube videos on various airgun hunting. Some very entertaining ones out there.
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