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wampire said:
soupe said:
A ball puller? (although it can't be prudent to disagree with you) I've found them to be about worthless. No entirely worthless. I guess maybe if a ball came halfway out on a shot. I've never had that happen. Still I would need a better tool.
Tell me why I would use one? Certainly a little extra ffff in the touch hole for my occasional oops I forgot the powder. (Sorry to get off track)
I'm North of you in Harrisburg and would, like almost anyone here, be glad to show you the basics.
got stuck in a downpour once with my flintlock and the pan was soaked as well as the flash hole. I tried wiping out the pan back inside camp, with a paper towel, and could not get it to flash after almost an hour of drying, and re-priming. I then used a ball puller and it was out in 3 seconds.
There ya go! Ball puller is something you don't wanna go without! Last fall there was hardly a decent day when it wasn't raining during the early muzzy. Those of us who chose to go traditional and use flintlocks, had quite the time keepin our powder dry. Once it's wet, she ain't goin' boom! so pulling the ball out with a puller is bout the only way to get it out! Good luck!
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