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soupe said:
A ball puller? (although it can't be prudent to disagree with you) I've found them to be about worthless. No entirely worthless. I guess maybe if a ball came halfway out on a shot. I've never had that happen. Still I would need a better tool.
Tell me why I would use one? Certainly a little extra ffff in the touch hole for my occasional oops I forgot the powder. (Sorry to get off track)
I'm North of you in Harrisburg and would, like almost anyone here, be glad to show you the basics.
got stuck in a downpour once with my flintlock and the pan was soaked as well as the flash hole. I tried wiping out the pan back inside camp, with a paper towel, and could not get it to flash after almost an hour of drying, and re-priming. I then used a ball puller and it was out in 3 seconds.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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