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Had my camp 2 yrs now; right on the Warren/Forest county line(off of Kelly Hill.) Now that I'm retired, I'd like to be up there now. Are tire chains acceptable to use or is there a better alternative for my Silverado 4x4? Any input is greatly appreciated (and humorous comments.)

Thank all in advance
Corky Miles
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Depends on the depth of snow and whats under it. There is a certain point where no chains or 4x4 is going through it, you just end up stuck on top of the snow. I know of a few camps that trailer snow machines to a certain point, then ride in from there, thats hardcore camp life !
A 4X4 Silverado with a plow!
We have a camp trip every Febuary the weekend after the super bowl. Some guys take Snowmobiles and some take chains. One year we got a big storm the night before we were leaving and noone had chains. It took 3 sleds 7 hours to get all the trucks and trailers out.
Mattom49 this is how we get to our camp in the winter months. I'd recommend doing it this way to anyone. Its a fun way to go.

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if your going this weekend, i can't see ya needing chains. i live in Warren county am on the backraods alot and have chains in my truck and have never used them.

The big problem for camps up here is when we get alot of snow they plow ya in then it freezes like a big boulder in front of your driveway...i say 4x4 and snow shovel.

Chains do work great..oil, gas and timber guysall got them hanging off the racks..I just don't see you needed them as it stands here now.
It was the ice underneath that almost got me 2 weeks ago down my 'lane'. I think chains & a winch might be in my forecast.
I have a buddy with 2 snowmobiles for sale in nice shape. they are in an enclosed trailer that you could easily pull with your truck. PM me if interested I can ask him a price
Both my places are open 365 days a year, most times in the
winters we get a lot of snow, above 30". Do your own winter maintance on your roads and you will be fine.
If you are not willing to do your winter maintance you will
probably get stuck, and be in trouble. My Expedition & my Bronco II have studded tires for late season Grouse hunting.
Do your planning and road maintance you will be fine.
Pine Creek/Dave

Do your planning and maintain your private lanes, this is Pa we do get snow.
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