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trapper54 said:
i have been told there are laws like they hav eto be on their own freestanding sign, dated signed with contact info. things of that nature. kinda makes sense to be signed with contact info, that way jokers cant just run around posting any place they see not posted. no idea if any of those are true
Dig around in these Forums... you will find this same topic and discussion elsewhere.

There are NO set guidelines.

What everyone is trying to say is that Private Property IS Private Property! It doesn't matter if a sign is up or where the sign is or if the Sign is signed. Private Property IS Private Property!

There are no exact codes. Any signage that you put up is more a matter of marking the boundaries or making a scent post marking your territory. And, the trespassers are going to find a multitude of reasons for it to be okay for them to trespass on your property. But, the more you signs you put out, the more you have CYA.
1 - 1 of 241 Posts
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