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A walk in the Forest

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My work schedule has me off every other Friday, so this morning I got to walk my daughter to Kindergarten. Nothing new, but since it's a crisp fall day I decided to walk back home through the forest. It was only about a 40 minute walk, but it was very refreshing. So much so that I didn't really think about anything till I was almost home. And that's when it occurred to me how often when in the woods we are so focused on other things that we don't just "take in" our surroundings. Now, we take many family walks, and I truly get great joy out of watching the kids discover new things, or having the opportunity to explain what they are seeing. Since my time is pretty limited by work and family, my solo walks are usually when I'm hunting and my senses are tuned for that. But today was different, just a walk. Just being part of the surroundings for nothing more than calmness.
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Breathe it in!! good post Bcoz, not enough people really enjoy just being out there. Good luck.
BCOZ...glad to hear Germany has places like that, thanks for bringing them to us here. "Kindergarten" that word is a true German word is it not?

Anyway, when life gives you the chance, ALWAYS TAKE THE PATH THRU THE FOREST!!! Good Post!
Most certainly a German word, Childrens Garden.
RB, We are surrounded by forests here. One can literally walk from village to village through the forests. Actually, the good walking trails here is something I will miss whenever we leave.

Yes, if there are two paths to take, I will always take the one through the woods
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