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A very strange happening.

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I'm not sure how it goes for the rest of you guys, but the yearly transition from being obsessed with deer to being obsessed with turkeys is usually a very strange and confusing time for me.

This year was no different, and it happened in about 5 minutes yesterday afternoon. So there I was, out tramping around the normal grounds looking for shed antlers. I was growing particularly frustrated since I knew that the bucks I had been watching had all dropped, yet I couldn't find any dang horns. This frustration finally grew to a low rolling boil and I began to wish I had something else to focus on for a while. It was about that time that I saw it. In a shaded area of a draft was this strange, three toed track in the snow. I eventually dismissed the track as some sort of weird overgrown chicken that probably came from somewhere down around Curwensville (everyone knows that things from Curwensville tend to be kinda strange. :D)
Anyway, I woke up this morning and did my normal routine. I got ready and came to work. From there I do the daily ritual of checking my email, getting any tasks for the day and settling in to catch up on HPA. But this morning was different, I suddenly found myself here in the Turkey forum. At first I thought I was lost, but apparently not as I started reading threads and everything!

Right about that time is when it hit me.... that weird uber chicken track had been a turkey! The smell of the spring air this morning and the sound of song birds had sealed the deal. I am now officially in turkey mode for the next three months... crap.
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I,m always in a mode.Archery Deer,then Pheasants,then early muzzy Deer,then fall Turkey,then rifled Deer,than late Muzzy.Between some Trappin,wastin early g/hawgs there is always something to chase.I was lookin at some s/guns the other day for Spring Turkey.
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