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Recently received my newest book, "A Tribute To Roger Latham", by Ann Jenkins.

I have been a Roger Latham reader and collector for many years, especially his "Complete Book of the Wild Turkey", which I have read many times.

In Ann's book she documents his early life, his work for the Game Commission, his books and publications, newspaper articles, his friends and admirers, and his family.

I knew Roger briefly in the mid 1970's, attend many of his presentations, and read a lot of his work, especially the wild turkey material.

It is great to have "A Tribute to Roget Latham" on my reading stand.

Pages 148-153 document Roger's interaction and leadership in the early days of the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Pennsylvania Chapter National Wild Turkey Federation.

Dr. Kennamer and I review his accomplishments and leadership with wild turkey restoration, turkey management and turkey hunting and the ideals he believed and often spoke about to his audiences.

Roger was a leader in the early years of explaining the science of wildlife management, especially wild turkey management, to hunters in a way they could understand.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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