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A quick tale, or Keep Your Head In The Game.

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..worth a chuckle, passin the time..

I must've been about 14, hunting the family plot with my dad. Deer hunting was boring because I was impatient, so this time I thought I'd outsmart nature by bringing along a paperback! There I am, rifle across lap, sitting against a tree and reading. I hear a faint shuffle behind me, I thought it was dad coming over the top of the hill some 70 yards away.

It was a four pointer. Had I the presence of mind to grab my gun by the muzzle and whip it around I probably coulda clubbed him in the head with the butt of it and shot him while he was out! And he was just as shocked to see me as I was him! We looked at each other for a moment, when he cocked his head and said, "unf" .. he was off like a shot the second I remembered to breathe.

Been hooked ever since.
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