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A Great Day on Lake Erie

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This past Saturday I along with Coleman24, benelli21, benelli's buddy and my other room mate Ben had the privilege of hunting on Lake Erie with the guys from bigger water Decoys as well as Kevin Jacobs . We had a great time. The number of birds we seen was unbelevable. The birds however did not work as well as we wanted. We still managed to bust up a few.

The whole concept of hunting big water was also a completeley new experience for me. Then the experience of sitting level in the water in a layout boat is one I will never forget and am sure to repeat. I was amazed at the differences in hunting big water and puddle ducks.

While we were there we had the chance to help Dr Jacobs sample some birds for a research study they are conducting in the Great Lakes on containments. Beings I am a wildlife and Fisheries science major I found that to be extremely interesting!

I just wanted to say thanks one more time to Dr. Jacobs for letting us help out and Brennan From Bigger Water Decoys for the Hunting!

It was a great weekend and I got to meet alot of new people and hopefully I made a few new friends. I Know the memories of the lake and the birds will stick with me. Not to menchine Coleman and I are already trying to figure out when to hunt it again next year.

Now its back to studying for finals!

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Great hunt guys. Good luck with you finals.
Looks like a good time was had by all. Like JP said, good luck on yer finals!
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Nice mentioned you are a WFS major...I am assuming you are going to Penn St Erie and then eventually to State College to finish up. I also took that same path 20+ years ago...started out at PSU Erie (while hunting ducks like crazy on the bay and steelhead fishing) then went to State College to get my WFS degree. Good luck to you, great career path.

PS... if you like to fly fish, when you get to State College, you will be within an hour of about 10 of the best trout streams this side of the Mississippi.
Barberry we are actually at state college now, and started at psu berks. Barryboy is still in the wildlife major along with benelli21.. My buddy Ben and I are ag science with a wildlife minor. Tht was our first experience in Erie.
Nice...good luck to all of you...hey shouldn't you guys be studying for finals. I remember in May, Spring Creek would always have a huge caddisfly hatch, it was very difficult to study knowing all those rising fish were about 5 minutes away.

PS my daughter is at State College now...she is a Food Science Major in the College of Ag Sciences.
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