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A few random shots and a little info

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Thanks for all the PM's about my photos they make my day. I shoot these photos hoping to capture some unusual animal or bird behavior. So they may be enjoyed by others who may not be in a position to see things of this nature on a daily basis. Living in the woods does have its advantages, until you have to plow yourself out every day in late winter.

Lately several folks have asked me what kind of equipment I use, unlike the guy I asked years ago after seeing some of his photos who refused to answer me I will share the info. Photography is a wonderful hobby which can also be rewarding if your lucky enough to sell a few of your photos and its sure a good way to pass the long winter.
To those who asked I am shooting a Canon 50D and usually use a 70-200 Canon 2.8 L series IS lens or the same in a 100-400 zoom. The secret to preparing a good photograph for presentation is in your editing software. Programs can run from less than a hundred dollars to my dream program which begins at 500. One I highly recommend and use most often is Adobe Elements 7. Not costly and very user friendly, trust me if I can figure it out anyone can.


Follow the Leader

Red in snow


Female Bunting

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